Velominati Super Prestige: Women’s Omloop Het Nieuwsblad

We kick off the first races of the 2012 VSP with a double-header as we open the picks for the VVomen’s Omloop Het Nieuwsblad. Aside from an early hiccup, the new software has been running as expected, though I should have known better than to declare something as “tested”; as the first few picks went in sideways, there was more confusion and hysterics than in a kiddie pool when an unaccounted-for deuce floats by.

The VVomen’s racing calendar appears to be a bit more open than the Men’s, and that likely means we’ll see more of the same names competing for the win on Saturday as we will at de Ronde in a month’s time. A cursory glance over the start list reveals that my sure-bet countrywoman Marianne Vos is still chilling the guns after a wicked ‘Cross season and won’t be racing. Back to the drawing board, then. Here’s a super secret tip: in Dutch and Flemish, “women” is spelled with a “V” – vrouwen. Let that be your guide.

With that we continue the 2012 VSP; up for grabs is the personalized Velominati Shop Apron to the contestent who wins the season-long competition. Check the Main VSP page for scoring guidelines and rules. Picks close at 5am Pacific on Saturday, so watch the countdown clock to make sure you get your picks in on time.

Good luck.

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156 Replies to “Velominati Super Prestige: Women’s Omloop Het Nieuwsblad”

  1. @Danger


    1. Wild
    2. Druyts
    3. Verbeke
    4. Van Vleuten
    5. Van Den Bosch

    It is difficult even getting results for more than a couple of years ago.

    VAN DEN BOSCH what a name!

    VDB FTW!


    1. Lizzie Armistead
    2. @Chris
    3. Queen Elizabeth II
    4. My mum
    5. My bum

  3. Crap. I gotta change this again?


    1. DE VOCHT Liesbeth
    2. DE GOEDE Suzanne
    3. DE JONG
    5. VAN DEN BOSCH Carolien


    1. Tom Boonen
    2. Phillippe Gilbert
    3. Juan Antonio Flecha
    4. Alex Rasmussen
    5. Lars Boom


    1. DE GOEDE Suzanne
    2. TROTT Emma
    3. ARMITSTEAD Elisabeth
    4. DEROOVER Eline
    5. WILDEMAN Jet

  6. And special mention for Jet Wildeman. Has there ever been a cooler name?


    1. Adrie Visser
    2. Loes Gunnewijk
    3. Noemi Cantele
    4. Hanka Kupfernagel
    5. Chantal Blaak

  7. There is some solid gold in that start list…I should’ve picked D’Hoore – I bet she races angry!


    1. Elisabeth Armistead
    2. Loes Gunnewijk
    3. Emilia Fahlin
    4. Noemi Cantele
    5. Ludivine Henrion

  8. On vacation, so thanks for doing the research all.


    1. Johansson
    2. Armistead
    3. De Vocht
    4. De Jong
    5. Kneteman

  9. I’m actually getting quite excited….. is this race televised/streamed/twitfaced anywhere?


    1. De Jong
    2. Liesbet de Vocht
    3. Grace Verbeke
    4. Lizzie Armistead
    5. Edith Van den Brende

  10. Just hoping there’s one Aussie in the top 5…


    1. Alexis Rhodes
    2. Chloe Hosking
    3. Rochelle Gilmour
    4. Belinda Goss
    5. Lauren Kitchen

  11. Best uneducated guess…..


    1. Elisabeth Armistead
    2. Chantel Blaak
    3. Loes Gunnerwijk
    4. Liesbet de Vocht
    5. Emma Johansson

  12. VSP PICKS:

    1. Armistead
    2. Katie COLCLOUGH
    3. Alexis Rhodes
    4. Rochelle Gilmore
    5. De Vocht

  13. VSP PICKS:

    1. COLCLOUGH Katie
    2. DE GOEDE Suzanne
    3. DE VOCHT Liesbeth
    4. BRUINS Regina

  14. VSP PICKS:

    1. d’hoore
    2. d’vocht
    3. d’jong
    4. d’goede
    5. d’vyust

  15. VSP PICKS:

    1. Trixie Worrack
    2. Chloe Hosking
    3. Loes Gunnewijk
    4. Chantal Blaak
    5. Ellen Van Dijk

  16. VSP PICKS:

    1. Chloe Hosking
    2. Rochelle Gilmour
    3. Emilia Fahlin
    4. Tiffany Cromwell
    5. Liz Armistead

  17. VSP PICKS:

    1. Amanda Spratt
    2. Sofie DeVuyst
    3. Katt Hannes
    4. Anne Arnouts
    5. Thea Thorsen

  18. no idea at all


    1. Suzanne De Goede
    2. Loes Gunnewijk
    3. Jet Wildeman
    4. Kaat Hannes
    5. Michelle Geoghegan

  19. I got nothing…combination of copying & pot luck!


    1. Armistead
    2. Chloe Hosking
    3. Warpdrive
    4. Jet VVilderman
    5. De Vocht

  20. @King Clydesdale

    On vacation, so thanks for doing the research all.
    1. Johansson
    2. Armistead
    3. De Vocht
    4. De Jong
    5. Kneteman

    Hey Brother: Johansson has a couple broken collar bones and shit. She ain’t a racing. Kinda like a lot of folk, including our fine leader Fränk, picking Boss hog in the mens race.

  21. VSP PICKS:

    1. De Goede
    2. De Jong
    3. Armitstead
    4. Confalonieri
    5. De Vuyst

  22. “That’s a cocktail napkin with an outboard motor!”


    1. Kupfernagle
    2. Van Looy
    3. Johansson
    4. Jacobsson
    5. Vervoort

  23. VSP PICKS:

    1. De Vocht L
    2. Armitstead E
    3. Hosking C
    4. DeGaude S
    5. Rhodes A

  24. Here we go.


    1. De Vocht
    2. Armitstead
    3. Kupfernagle
    4. Wildeman
    5. Blaak

  25. @Dr C
    Does that mean I’m your VMH or your bike biatch?

    I was quite touched when you picked me for the men’s race but now that I’m one of your VMH picks I’m slightly concerned that we’re sharing a B&B on the Keeper’s Tour. It is separate rooms, right?

    Best I pack the sports bra for the Hell of Ashdown on Sunday!

  26. Try saying Claudia Hausler without saying Mmmmmmmmmmmm…..


    1. Longo Borghini
    2. Claudia Hausler
    3. Jet Wildeman
    4. Armistead
    5. Lucy Martin

  27. I’m goin’ for maximum points! Whoop-whoop!


    1. Armitstead
    2. De Vocht
    3. Gunnerwijk
    4. Rhodes
    5. Gilmour

  28. VSP PICKS:

    1. Elisabeth Armistead
    2. Marion Rousse
    3. Lucy Martin
    4. Martine Bras
    5. Emilie Aubry

  29. @frank
    Alexis Rhodes is a bit of a dark horse pick (unless I am thinking of a different Rhodes). What made you include her in your selection?

  30. VSP PICKS:

    1. Lizzie Armistead
    2. Liesbeth De Vocht
    3. Suzanne De Goede
    4. Alexis Rhodes
    5. Elisa Longo Borghini

  31. Not much idea of how they fit the course but…


    1. Armitstead
    2. Hosking
    3. De Goede
    4. Hausler
    5. Bras

  32. @Chris
    No offence intended, fellow mini-domestique – anyway, you not ma biatch, I’m ma own biatch

    Actually, you can tell I didn’t really follow the last discussion on ladies cycling, interesting as I am sure it was – they are great, and I fancy Victoria Pendletom massively, but I can’t learn a whole load of new Euro names on top of the blokes one’s, so after Lizzie Armitage, I was lost, and as you spend so much time in the kitchen, I stuck you down for second, after that I needed to fill the spaces in case I defaulted from the competition…..yadayadayada

  33. VSP PICKS:

    1. amistead
    2. borghini
    3. de jong
    4. johansenn
    5. de vocht

  34. Katrien Van Looy, shieet mon, I’m putting her in the picks every race.


    1. Emilia Fahlin
    2. Elizabeth Armitstead
    3. Loes Gunnewijk
    4. Rochelle Gilmore
    5. Katrien Van Looy

  35. From the mouths of babes


    1. Elisabeth Armitstead
    2. Ellen Van Dijk
    3. Thalita De Jong
    4. Loes Gunnewijk
    5. Suzanne De Goede

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