Velominati Super Prestige: Ronde Van Vlaanderen 2015

As far as the Keepers are concerned (and those already arrived for KT15) the real race action on the cobbles and for the 2015 VSP starts right here in Flanders with the Easter Sunday edition of de Ronde van Vlaanderen.

And not only does the kassien bring out the big guns looking to pick up a Monument, it brings out the real big guns as far as the VSP Grand Prize goes too. We are proud and more than a little bit excited to announce Jaegher as the major sponsor of this year’s competition. Yes, the winner of the overall pointscore will receive a custom made and painted Interceptor frame in Columbus Spirit steel, just like the one that I am riding and loving right now… check it out here, it’s an amazing frame and one that you will treasure forever.

So now your picks count more than ever, study the start list, think which of the cobble specialists or maybe a wild card will win in Oudenaarde, and most importantly don’t Delgado.

[vsp_results id=”32595″/]

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222 Replies to “Velominati Super Prestige: Ronde Van Vlaanderen 2015”

  1. @RobSandy


    The Interceptor, as in Mad Max’s ride? Wow. Obviously the winner has to go with black!

    Having had an older brother I grew up watching movies like Mad Max, The Warriors, and Red Dawn. Damn, I still love these movies.

    Every time someone says the word ‘warrior’, I feel an irrepressible urge to say “Warriors, come out to play-eay!”. The fact that no one else at work knows what I’m on about doesn’t stop me.

    A classic… well, not really, BUT was good fun… Cheers

  2. I’m surprised so few are willing to go with Roelands and Oss – those two plus Terpstra were the hardest to leave out for me.


    1. Jens Debusschere
    2. Sep Vanmarcke
    3. Geraint Thomas
    4. Stijn Devolder
    5. Stijn Vandenbergh
  4. here they are.  my optimistic picks for Flanders


    1. Peter Sagan
    2. Geraint Thomas
    3. Niki Terpstra
    4. John Degenkolb
    5. Luca Paolini

    1. Zdenek Stybar
    2. Peter Sagan
    3. Alexander Kristoff
    4. Sep Vanmarcke
    5. John Degenkolb
  6. Total crapshoot.  Lots of favorites out or riding injured, and the young guns and opportunists are jumping to take their places.  If that wasn’t enough to make this race impossible to predict, we now have that glorious frame to distract inspire us.  How am I supposed to concentrate on my picks with dreams of that build running through my head?

    Seriously, though, well done lining up amazing prizes for us again this year.  Chapeau, lads!


    1. Geraint Thomas
    2. Alexander Kristoff
    3. Sep Vanmarcke
    4. Zdenek Stybar
    5. Jens Debusschere

    1. Geraint Thomas
    2. Zdenek Stybar
    3. Stijn Devolder
    4. Alexander Kristoff
    5. Luca Paolini

    1. Alexander Kristoff
    2. Peter Sagan
    3. Zdenek Stybar
    4. Sep Vanmarcke
    5. Geraint Thomas
  9. Ok, I’m persuaded that maybe Thomas won’t fall off. Have to fit him in. I wish I could get Wiggins in too – I think he’s better suited to this race than Roubaix.

    Also, if Devolder won he’d be a 3 time winner. Not out of the question after his TT in Panne.


    1. G Thomas
    2. Degenkolb
    3. Terpstra
    4. Kristoff
    5. Greg Van Avermaet
  10. So many contenders, very difficult pick to make!


    1. Kristoff
    2. Vanmarcke
    3. Thomas
    4. Wiggins
    5. Terpstra
  11. Top 3 courtesy of Greg Henderson. Last two of my backside.


    1. Roelandts
    2. Thomas
    3. Kristoff
    4. van Avermaet
    5. Stybar
  12. VSP PICKS:

    1. Sep Vanmarcke
    2. Garaint Thomas
    3. Zdenek Stybar
    4. Niki Terpsta
    5. Daniel Oss
  13. VSP PICKS:

    1. Sep Vanmarcke
    2. Greg Van Avermaet
    3. Geraint Thomas
    4. Niki Terpstra
    5. Zdenek Stybar
  14. A win would be handy here!


    1. Stybar
    2. van marcke
    3. thomas
    4. oss
    5. degenkolb
  15. How to pick only five.

    Twenty possible winners this year.


    1. Stijn Devolder
    2. Alexander Kristoff
    3. Geraint Thomas
    4. Greg van Avermaet
    5. Stijn Vandenbergh
  16. Comming in the back door to the Jaeger – Ha!


    1. Leukemans
    2. Breschel
    3. Pozzato
    4. DeBacker
    5. Tjallingii
  17. Hell of a race to call.  I’m loving Geraint Thomas these days and would love to see him keep his streak of superb results going.

    Realistically though there’s about a dozen guys that could take it if they don’t crash out somewhere along the way!


    1. Thomas
    2. Van Avarmaet
    3. Stybar
    4. Sagan
    5. Terpstra

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