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grown ups? not likely

Cogal Report: Sussex Cogal 2016

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Someone is taking this Cogal thing seriously, except for the malted recovery beverage drinking part. And maybe we need to remove the “casually deliberate” from route pace description. One person’s casually deliberate is another person’s lactate threshold. I know this from personal experience. Well done here, from start to finish, even you Alex.  VLVV, Gianni…

The Peugeot PX-10?

London-Chilterns Cogal Report

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Attention all hands, we have a cogal report! Thanks to @ChrisO for pulling this all together. We have no photos of the pint drinking but we’ll overlook that. Here is a link to the photo album. Chapeau lads. VLVV, Gianni Gladoe (Greg) A highlight for me was the transition that occurs between folks when you…

Ruud and Olaf out in the weather, just around the corner

Cogal Report: Velominati Dutch Mid-Winter Cogal, 2015

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@Ruud deserves a lot of credit for his stubborn Dutchness. Nothing was going to stop his mid-winter Cogal. I am not seeing the traditional drinking post-script for the Cogal report but I’ll assume everyone involved got properly rehydrated. Chapeau @Ruud.  VLVV, Gianni On or around Winter Solstice, Café Ome Ko, just outside of Amsterdam in…

That better not be a big-ass Garmin holding up the V-Flag. Anti-V holding up the V?

Cogal Report – 2015 CogAdelaide

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Mikael’s view It seems that getting these Cogals off the ground is never without its challenges. Last year required a borrowed bike & 100k worth of riding the night before just to get to the start line, only to be rewarded with a ride in Satan’s furnace. This year, the weather & bike gods were…

It's the East Bay, baby.

East Bay Cogal 2014 Report

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@Nate’s take This year it was time for the Bay Area Cogal to visit my home turf in the East Bay. To make it more than just a long ride on roads I have ridden many times, and instigated by @EricW, the plan was to feature several sectors of dirt fire roads. A few scouting…

What's wrong with this picture?

The Rules Goes on the Road-NYC

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Here are a few lessons learned while in New York City. I’m sure leaving a bar at one o’clock in the morning is not how the serious riders prepare for a ride with a 9 o’clock morning roll-out. I am sure. Conversational pace for a group ride means different things to different people. Eddy could…

The V flag in OZ.

Cogal Report: Fleurieu Peninsula

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Fleurieu Peninsula – Velominati Cogal 8th Feb 2014. Notable quotes to sum up the ride that nearly wasn’t. “You’re in pretty good shape for the shape you are in.” Dr. Seuss -“The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.” Albert Einstein -“When you are courting a nice girl an hour seems like a…

Home Sweet Home

Midwinter Metric Meiklour Cogal Report 2013

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The view from Strahlubnaig. December 21st, 2013, at latitude 56 ½ degrees North, a little before 9am, and of course not fully light yet in this small corner of north west Europe, where the shortest day grudgingly gives us 6h 50m of what can be loosely described as ‘daylight’. Of course, the Great Cloud Belt…

Dutch Cogal

Midwinter Cogal Report: Amsterdam-Utrecht 2013

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@Marco’s take Somewhere midway, I realized: looking fantastic while riding batshit fast through unknown territory in Rule #9 conditions in mid-December is hard. The shortest day seemed appropriate for a winter Cogal. It is what one does that day. With abundant Rule #9 conditions, one wouldn’t want to dwell too long upon it. Only strong…

CW Boxhill Original 2013

2013 London Cogal Report or the Shipping Forecast

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I realise that I may never live this down, and that my reputation within the Velominati community will be damaged irreparably, but I’m out. – Anonymous AKA @936ADL Despite the endless talk of tea and cakes, the inaugral London Cogal will be remembered for that other quintessentially English conversation point, the weather. Everything was looking…

Trusty steeds

Cogal Report: Bay Area Cogal 2013

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Sometime this spring I got an email from @xyverz suggesting a second annual bay area cogal, along with some route suggestions.  Before long, plans coalesced around a ride starting near Palo Alto, going over the mountains, down the coast to Santa Cruz, and back over a bigger part of the mountains to Los Gatos and…

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