Anatomy of a photo: The Merckx of the Mud

Anatomy of a photo: The Merckx of the Mud

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What can you say about this man that doesn’t include the words ‘tough as frikkin nails badass mofo’?

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  1. And winning on his home turf. Hardman for sure. It’ll be interesting to see how Stybar does on the road this year. That dude is a badass as well.

  2. You are pretty much a badass when you are so good you have a race named after you and then proceed to win said race 9 of the 11 times it has been put on. Dang.

  3. HARD-Fucking-CORE Baby!!! Awesome pic!!!

  4. Sven is my hero. Finally, no mechanicals!

  5. Nothing like a good ‘cross photo!

    PS – Check out the Juniors results… 6th and 7th place USA USA USA! Andrew Dillman is a local Louisville, KY kid. Expect great things…
    Gran Prix Sven Nys – Juniors Report

  6. And I’m sure I’m not the first to notice, NO SHOECOVERS.

    I say that, but to be fair, I can’t tell if he’s wearing leg warmers, either. You know it’s a good Rule #9 day when you can’t tell leg from spandex.

  7. @frank it’s leg warmers

    Regarding Stybar, this is all I have to say about him:


    Check the course, and the gaps back to the rest of the group. Both are, as the Belgie commentator says, “for-mi-da-ble”.

    Nys’ winning move comes at 13:18 or so.

  9. Just to add another bit of cycling photography by me.
    The legs of Lars Boom, then world champion, and Sven Nys.

  10. The last two laps of an epic battle:

  11. This is the man who tore an XTR pedal in half earlier this season. He’s as hard as they come!

    Check out the finish at 10:00

  12. brutal, absolutely brutal!

  13. Always love the muddy cyclocross photos.

    My feet get cold easily. Never understand guys who need full finger gloves and leg warmers but don’t need shoe covers. I guess it is just how different bodies run differently. My feet get cold faster than my legs or fingers.

  14. @michael

    Too much. That is the most awesome picture ever. They must have cropped out the jar of Nutella he was holding and pointing to. Cuz that’s “I got me a jar of Nutella” face right there.

  15. @ben
    New favorite quote: “Steeds en tandje kleiner”, which means “constantly a tooth less” in reference to Nys’s’s’s attitude towards constantly upshifting throughout the race.

    (Directly translated to “always a tooth smaller” but that doesn’t really convey the meaning.)

  16. @frank
    A friend of mine is over there right now, I asked him to get me one of those but I don’t think he will come through.

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