17 Replies to “Anatomy of a photo: The Merckx of the Mud”

  1. And winning on his home turf. Hardman for sure. It’ll be interesting to see how Stybar does on the road this year. That dude is a badass as well.

  2. You are pretty much a badass when you are so good you have a race named after you and then proceed to win said race 9 of the 11 times it has been put on. Dang.

  3. And I’m sure I’m not the first to notice, NO SHOECOVERS.

    I say that, but to be fair, I can’t tell if he’s wearing leg warmers, either. You know it’s a good Rule #9 day when you can’t tell leg from spandex.

  4. @frank it’s leg warmers

    Regarding Stybar, this is all I have to say about him:

  5. Just to add another bit of cycling photography by me.
    The legs of Lars Boom, then world champion, and Sven Nys.

  6. Always love the muddy cyclocross photos.

    My feet get cold easily. Never understand guys who need full finger gloves and leg warmers but don’t need shoe covers. I guess it is just how different bodies run differently. My feet get cold faster than my legs or fingers.

  7. @michael

    Too much. That is the most awesome picture ever. They must have cropped out the jar of Nutella he was holding and pointing to. Cuz that’s “I got me a jar of Nutella” face right there.

  8. @ben
    New favorite quote: “Steeds en tandje kleiner”, which means “constantly a tooth less” in reference to Nys’s’s’s attitude towards constantly upshifting throughout the race.

    (Directly translated to “always a tooth smaller” but that doesn’t really convey the meaning.)

  9. @frank
    A friend of mine is over there right now, I asked him to get me one of those but I don’t think he will come through.

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