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Announcing New V-Features: The Works and The Bikes

by frank / Nov 27 2010 / 19 posts

We’ve been busy little bees over here at Velominati.  While you may not have been seeing much “evidence” of actual “activity” on our end, we’ve been hard at work adding a few new features that the community has been asking for: The Works and The Bikes.

The Works is a place where we’ll be organizing a list of all the books, periodicals, and films that we as the Velominati consider “required study” for our members. The list as it stands today is just a jumping-off point of sorts; it includes the obvious ones that have been discussed already within the community.  We urge you to add your recommendations in the posts section of the page; we’ll discuss it as a community and those works deserving of a place in the official list will be added by one of the Keepers, along with a credit to the member who recommended it.

The Bikes is a place for us to post pictures of our bikes, the central tool in our craft. We worship our machines, and as Oli pointed out today, we are generally not worthy of them. The Bikes area automatically pulls from the Velominati Articles that are devoted to the Keepers’ machines, and provides you a place to upload photos of your own bikes for discussion. (If you’d like to submit an article about your beloved bike, please feel free to send it to us and we’ll do our best to work with you to include it.)

As always, please recommend ways for us to improve either of these features. The Bikes area in particular may need to be reworked as it grows, so keep your feedback coming. (Next feature coming will be a messaging mechanism as request by Ron.)

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