Announcing New V-Features: The Works and The Bikes

We've been Buysse preparing new features

We’ve been busy little bees over here at Velominati.  While you may not have been seeing much “evidence” of actual “activity” on our end, we’ve been hard at work adding a few new features that the community has been asking for: The Works and The Bikes.

The Works is a place where we’ll be organizing a list of all the books, periodicals, and films that we as the Velominati consider “required study” for our members. The list as it stands today is just a jumping-off point of sorts; it includes the obvious ones that have been discussed already within the community.  We urge you to add your recommendations in the posts section of the page; we’ll discuss it as a community and those works deserving of a place in the official list will be added by one of the Keepers, along with a credit to the member who recommended it.

The Bikes is a place for us to post pictures of our bikes, the central tool in our craft. We worship our machines, and as Oli pointed out today, we are generally not worthy of them. The Bikes area automatically pulls from the Velominati Articles that are devoted to the Keepers’ machines, and provides you a place to upload photos of your own bikes for discussion. (If you’d like to submit an article about your beloved bike, please feel free to send it to us and we’ll do our best to work with you to include it.)

As always, please recommend ways for us to improve either of these features. The Bikes area in particular may need to be reworked as it grows, so keep your feedback coming. (Next feature coming will be a messaging mechanism as request by Ron.)

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19 Replies to “Announcing New V-Features: The Works and The Bikes”

  1. Nice idea.

    I have studied the ways of the V from afar for a while but it is now my Home Page and hope to spend a lot more time here.

  2. @Frank liking the upgraded site, looks good. But on a point of functionality, is it possible to have an email notification facility on topics when people post to them.

    There is so much traffic on here these days – a very good thing – that it is hard to find out what has been added to topics that you’ve been involved in if you’ve been away for a few days. This I fear is likely the reason I have been less active since The Twins arrival, because it’s difficult to find the time to, firstly trawl the recent comments, then catch up and get involved. I’m also guessing that if I find this an issue, then others will be in the same position.

  3. @Jarvis
    Corrected; the page had gone private somehow. Back up and working – thanks for pointing out. I just clicked on the “subscribe to posts feed” below and noticed that’s not working, either. I’ll start with that, and look into an email notification setup as well. Great suggestion. Thanks as always, mate.

  4. @Jarvis
    Yes, super suggestion! I am not always able to check the site daily and I loose track of all the fun going on! It would be great to have some way of knowing when someone has posted on a thread that I have commented on.

    But, no matter what, this site is AWESOME!

  5. Frank, nice work. Glad you put together the book section, I certainly have some items that I can add to my Xmas list if people need ideas.

    Yeah, I tried the RSS feed a while back as well, and it didn’t seem to work for me either. Getting thread updates via email or rss would certainly cut down on my need to sneak visits during the work day when I really should be doing better things…

  6. Buck Rogers :
    But, no matter what, this site is AWESOME!

    A-Merckx to that.

    BTW, I am not clamouring for an email feed. If it was a choice between keepers busying themselves with tech stuff in the backroom and keepers posting more articles and comments, I’d opt for the latter. Besides which, when I had been unable to check the site for a number of weeks, although it was a little difficult to pick up the threads again it was also fun slowly working my way through the archives and gradually finding out what had been going down.

  7. @Jarvis, @Buck Rogers, @mcsqueak
    Great suggestions, keep ’em coming. A cursory look makes it seem like these should be fairly easy things to add, without detracting too much from articles in the meanwhile. All we have to do is give up on sleep, food…

    Although, I have to say, all this talk of “easy ways to track” and “doing better things” really makes me want to take this whole thing down and just put up one massive sign that says,

    Rule #5, FUCKWAFFLES.

  8. @Buck Rogers, Jarvis, mcsqueak

    The rss feed count is 100 now, works much better, I would try it again.

  9. Yeah there’s an error in the xml, but google reader pulls it fine, depends on the reader you are using. I’ve known about that error for a bit, but haven’t said anything to frank. I think it’s just the space there between the < and the ?

  10. Actualy it’s not a space there, I was just looking at what you pasted. The problem is a blank line at the beginning of the xml

  11. @frank

    Then I must be a moron. I get the same error when I click on the RSS link. Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do? And then put the link in a reader or am I missing something?

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