Reverence: Velox Fond de Jante Rim Tape

Reverence: Velox Fond de Jante Rim Tape

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  1. One thing you cant take away about the city I live in is that Cycling is huge here. Competative Cyclist , the team, is gonna have their training camp here. Maybe I can get some pictures of the team training and their gear.

  2. @frank

    Am I the only one that just doesn’t like Ritchey products on a road bike? Given the choice between two products of equal value and performance, I’ll take the other every time.
    Love the shit out of them for off-road, though.

    I’m sure I’ll catch hell from someone regarding this, but that’s the same way I feel about Thomson seatposts and stems.

  3. @gaswepass


    I had a disastrous gash about a month ago, which gave me my cue to switch to my winter (tubed, with Spec Armadillo Elite 25mms) set up and save the $$$ rubber for spring. Changing it on the side was actually just fine – but it does require some effort to push the bead to the center of the rim. not too bad, if my candystick arms can manage it roadside. just booted the gash and stuffed a tube inside. Made it 20miles back home after that.

  4. Best, “Best of Craigslist” posting ever:


  5. @scaler911


    “While we’re at it, you recumbent people scare me a little. Don’t bring that lumbering fucking thing anywhere near me.”

  6. @scaler911
    “because sharks are FUCKING AWESOME”

  7. @scaler911
    Did frank ghostwrite that?

  8. @scaler911

  9. @Chris

    “While we’re at it, you recumbent people scare me a little. Don’t bring that lumbering fucking thing anywhere near me.”

    I arrived at the library today to do work only to find that my lock-up spot had been stolen. By a recumbent. That was foldable.

  10. @Nate

    Did frank ghostwrite that?

    It certainly wasn’t any of this lot.

    (I know it’s not nice to make fun of those less fortunate than ourselves but sometimes I can’t help myself)

  11. @Ron

    Do mankind a favour and donate an old D-Lock to the cause. Drop the key down the nearest drain.

  12. @scaler911
    My favorite part:


    -If you shitheads had any money, you wouldn’t NEED a vintage Poo-zhow to get laid. Go have an ironic mustache growing contest in front of American Apparel, so that I can continue selling $300 bikes to fatties, which is what keeps the lights on.

    – Being made in the 80’s may make something cool, but that doesn’t automatically make something good. The reason that no one has ridden that “vintage” Murray is because it’s shit. It was shit in the 80’s, a trend it carried proudly through the 90’s, and rallied with into the ’00’s. What I mean to say is, no, I can’t make it work better. It’s still shit, even with more air in the tires.

    Heh, heh.

    RBR posters; Dopey Fuckers (note to self, must stop swearing)

  13. @VeloVita

    I’m sure I’ll catch hell from someone regarding this, but that’s the same way I feel about Thomson seatposts and stems.

    LOL. Serves to reason, I’d be running the Thomson gear on my MTBs (seatposts & clamps). I just do not have a flashy style preference. I like all logos to be understated, with a touch of class. I have pretty much been running the Ritchey pro logic gear on all of my road bikes, stayed away from the “wet” finish in favor of the matte finish, and insist that all of the components match (red or blue logo). My wife thinks I’m nuts, but conceeds putting up w/ a couple red bikes in the garage (s-1) is preferable to me buying a red sports car and running off w/ the secretary at the office.

  14. I like some Ritchey stuff, such as the slick wet white stems they have. I also like some Deda stuff. However, being Italian, their gear tends to be quite a bit more expensive, such as…double.

    I don’t think I can toss out anyone or solely choose anyone at this point – I still need to balance what I want on my bikes with what I have in my bank account, and when you have N+1 bikes, well, you gotta compromise sometimes.

    Thomson stuff – some I like, some I don’t. It could even be color, black or silver which throws me off.

    All of them offer nice stuff. They key is to match the bits to the bike to the bicyclist to the Casually Deliberate approach though, right?

  15. G’rilla, that stem, bars, yellow wrapping job look the business! Nice effort, nice eye for detail.

  16. @scaler911

    Best, “Best of Craigslist” posting ever:

    hah! That was awesome! And oddly familiar. Confessions about hating people are only really appreciated by other people who work or have worked in retail.

  17. @Ron
    Thanks, man. I’m really glad with how it turned out.

    There’s one more cyclocross race here in January. If I ride 300km in deep sand twice a day between now and then, I might finish in the top 50%.

  18. @G’rilla
    Surely your Melbourne summer cycling regime will have prepared you for cross in the US in January?

  19. @Marcus, @G’rilla
    Yeah, I hear you got to practice your mount/dismount in the middle of busy intersections?

  20. @Ron
    Ron, I hope you took out your mini tool and dismantled that thing to pieces. Or maybe just “rearrange” the parts.

  21. @Marcus I’m still confused as to why we finished a fast 40km and then talked about cricket for an hour.

  22. @G’rilla

    It would take an hour just to get a basic intro into how that silly sport works, yeah?

  23. @frank

    I like the new cobbled background, BTW.

  24. Best rim tape? Conti Easy Tape HP.

  25. Still like the Velox, always worked for me!

    As someone said above, I can deal with Ritchey on a MTB but on a road bike it must be Italian…

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