Evanescent riders of the 90s: Pascal Lino

Evanescent riders of the 90s: Pascal Lino

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  1. Nice post Brett. I enjoy reading these posts and admire the time you and the other Keepers spend making this blog fresh and entertaining.

  2. @pakrat
    Thanks Pakrat, it’s our pleasure. Brett does actual work on his posts, whereas I mostly just theorize about stuff and come up with ideas that sound credible but have no actual “research” put into them. It’s a lot easier than the way Brett does it, which involves using actual “facts”, but I put forth my ideas with a lot of authority and volume, which is almost the same as being right.

    Back to the story, the RMO team was one of my favorites. There’s a post on that team tucked away deep in the bowels of the drafts archive here that I’ll get back to one of these days (see my previous statement for why I’ve not gotten to completing it). When Virenque took the lead over a rain-soaked stage and weeped into the camera, “I’ve got the Maillot Jaune, I’ve got the Maillot Jaune…” How can you not love a man willing to endure heaps of pain an then cry on (inter)national TV?

    I, for one, had forgotten that Lino had take the MJ in the same Tour…this stage win of his here stands out in my memory much more.

    All that aside, by the way, if I were to start a mobile bottom inspection company, I would have higher standards of what kind (female) and the quality of the bottoms to be inspected. I would imagine you can get into real trouble with lax standards in that industry.

  3. Only remember Lino from the ’92 Tour. Obviously didn’t benefit from the festina programme as much as others

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