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Marianne Vos wins in Salzburg 2006. Photo: Bettini

Six Days Of… The Worlds

by brett / Sep 26 2010 / 22 posts

We love our niche categories here at Velominati. Titles such as Reverence, Evanescent Riders, Defining Moments and Anatomy Of A Photo give us the impetus to bring you some entertainment when we may be somewhat low on inspiration, you might say. And if a sub-category can supply us with one article idea, then why not a whole week’s worth? So it is that we introduce our new series, Six Days Of… (Ok, not quite a week, but in homage to the great indoor races we decided to go with it.)

Every month or so, we will pick a topic, be it a rider, a race, a brand, or just about anything that deserves a half-dozen days in the limelight. Because our sense of timing is impeccable, we’ll kick it off with ‘The Worlds’, a celebration of all that is awesome, joyous, heartbreaking, memorable, forgettable, surprising and predictable about the World Road Race Championships. We hope you enjoy the next six days.

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