Velominati Interview: Garmin’s Kris ‘Grom’ Withington

Velominati Interview: Garmin’s Kris ‘Grom’ Withington

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  1. Love this interview… may be heresy, but actually a better one than was in Rouleur. Chapeau Rachel, Brett and Keepers! I love his rule “Never touch a mechanics toolbox without asking… So now if I see anyone messing in my case, there’s going to be fuckin murders!” It’s like fucking chefs and their mise-en-place – don’t touch my mise, don’t touch my knives, else I’ll gut you like a fish…. these guys are all masters of their trade, and they rock.

    And I see from the Vuelta that the introduction of Rule #5 to Garmin Transitions is working… go Tyler.

  2. I’m sick in the Dolby. I just got a visual of Farrar getting the long end of the 10mm up the arse for a quick Rule #5 dial-in but Thor having to use the short end because he needs the extra leverage.

  3. Cool interview. Well done, Rachel, MC Brett and Keepers.

  4. @Cyclops
    Thanks for sharing. Excuse me while I go poke out my mind’s eye.

    Nice one, Brett – I love how you pulled it together. Kris really seems like an incredibly great guy; and for my money, wrenching is such a visceral way to bond with and to connect to your machine.

    I wrench my friends and coworker’s bikes for fun; to clean them up and getting them working smoothly is a rewarding experience. Back when bikes used loose bearings, one of my favorite pass times was to clean out a BB or hub, regrease it and get it singin’ like a song.

    All while wearing my Shop Apron, of course.

  5. Anatomy of a photo: How sweet would it be to have all those cassettes in your shop?!?

    Thanks again Kris, for sharing some of your insights with our little corner of the cycling world. And for taping HTFU onto the back of the Gramin truck.

  6. Great interview!

    “when they come over whining about something, I can merely take my long 10mm allen key and point to Rule #5, in silence for extra grizzliness.” Brilliant!

  7. @pakrat
    We’ve had the opportunity to chat a bit behind the scenes with some of the Garmin boys, and I have to say, that is a team full of people who really have a fantastic attitude can laugh at themselves. They even don’t mind it when we use the various nicknames right to their faces.

    These here are a fuckin’ rad bunch of people.

  8. I, for one, think Frank’s question was definitely in-line – though it did lean a bit to the side of the “Is The Thing‘s penis really made out of orange rock?” question from Mallrats.

    Awesome interview – quite the get. Garmin/Cervelo is going to be a fantastic ride next year.

  9. Oh, I must also thank Rachel for helping set this up too… I think she’s ready for full Velomihottie status!

  10. @ben
    Thanks mate! I knew you’d come through for me!


  11. @All

    Check out the new photo added to Grom post… suhweeeet!

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