Love In A Box

Love In A Box

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  1. A bargain at twice the price! Of course, I worry that that kind of temptation would keep me from getting on my bike in any but the finest of weather conditions.

  2. Ah, the curious phenomenon that is “unboxing“. A not totally un-expected consequence of the online commerce world in which we live.

    As I peer over my monitors to the back wall of my office I see the mountain of Amazon/Nashbar/Performance/woot! boxes from previous “boxes of love”.

  3. Merry Christmas!

  4. When I first saw this article title, my initial thought was we’d been hacked. Once I realized that was not the case, I naturally assumed is was going to be Brett doing this video.

    Joking aside, the first year’s subscription to Rouleur (who is owned by Rapha) came wrapped in a pink La Gazetta Dello Sport print. How cool is that?

    That whole group knows a thing or two about being a Velominatus.

  5. @frank

    Hahaha that’s my Xmas shopping sorted!

    I bought Issue 2 of Rouleur many moons ago, but never got around to a subscription. Now it’s hard to get most back issues, which pisses me off, so I made a vow to get all the photo annuals.

    But, the awesome news is, Rouleur are bringing out an MTB equivalent, called Privateer. Definitely subscribing to that one…

  6. @Brett
    Seeing your annuals…I may have to spring for those as well…man, those look good. I have all the Rouleurs except issue 1. I would literally cut off a finger to have that first issue. LITERALLY figuratively.

    Dude, subscribing to Privateer now. How awesome are those guys?

  7. Love in a box…I feel this risin’ in my bones…the V-jersey is on order! Can’t wait to have it arrive sometime this summer. Gonna be an awesome day!

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