Tales of a Cyclotourist, Part II: 2003 Alpe d’Huez

Tales of a Cyclotourist, Part II: 2003 Alpe d’Huez

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  1. Outstanding post laddie! You and the madame know how to have a good time. Really must have been a wild experience, I’m green avec envy. Too bad you didn’t hang out more at the Dutch Corner to see just what your peeps would have conjured up for show. But the Italians parading naked is pretty great. Grappa=hangover. This I know.
    Mayo, doper.
    Vino, doper.
    That little French Weed Virenque, doper. I hates ‘im.

  2. Great post – enjoyed it – great story and experience.

    Man, one day I’ll see it for myself. Me and my son Ian. That would be killer.

    Thanks for posting.

  3. Four Stars. I’ll make sure my sweetie sees this as we prep for our Giro trip in May. Maybe we will have a similar experience on the Mortirolo or Gavia. Grappa yes, partner exchange probably not. Thanks.

  4. @john
    We were at Pla de Beret in ’06, but I have to say that l’Alpe was an order of magnitude cooler (even aside from causing Salvodelli from dropping out). The camaraderie and atmosphere was completely different from Spain.

    Looking at those names and photos, it’s just doper after doper…but man, the racing was awesome.

    Mayo: doper.
    Vino: doper.
    Heras: doper.
    Beloki: doper.
    Hamilton: doper.
    Armstrong: well…technically…well…
    Mancebo: made cycling look as painful as it is. And doper.
    Basso: doper.

    Zubeldia is the only one in the first 10 on the road who hasn’t directly been accused of doping.

    And, yes. Virenque was une sac de la douche.

  5. @Dan O
    Thanks, Dan. I’m glad you enjoyed it. It’s an experience and a half!

  6. @Marko
    Out of how many stars?

    Dude, I understand that the Tifosi are way nutser than the French. If you can, try to be at an uphill finish. I’ve watched the Tour several times on a mountain enroute; while it’s still awesome, the excitement of being near the finish is well worth the extra effort it takes to find a spot!

  7. Out of four dude. There’s two or three mountain top finishes at next years Giro during the final week which looks to be designed for high drama. I’d have to look it up again but I’m pretty sure the Gavia is one of them.

    And you forgot Ullrich. Doper.

    Had a great fall ride yesterday although my senses are always hightened riding during rifle deer hunting season. Some d-bag road huntung actually took a second look at me from a far as I peddled down the road. I know I’m fast and graceful on the bike but I’m pretty sure I look nothing like a deer.

  8. @Marko
    Ullrich’s my boy, he’s pure as the driven snow.

    Dude, MN hunting season is scary. Does your winter riding kit look something like this?

  9. G’phant,

    Point well taken, but we all know there are riders out there who likely think they’re too cool to strap a couple of led blinkers on their carbon steeds. Personally, I have two single white leds on the front (one on each fork) and a triple white led on the head tube. A single red led on each chainstay and a triple blinking red on the saddle. Overkill? Maybe, but cars give me a wide berth. It’s a matter of good etiquette to other road users and helps the cause of giving serious riders a good name.

  10. What’s with all the lame light spam?

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