Anatomy of a Photo: Looking Fantastic

Roger de Leginck riding in a Flemish Mirror. Photo: CorVos/Pez

Steel Gazelles, check. Monster fork rake, check. Hairnets, check. North European monsoon, check. Flemish Mirror, check. Chain welded to the Big Ring, check. WTF Leggins affixed to Our Hero, check.

Roger de Vlaeminck does his part to remind us that while Looking Pro isn’t synonymous with Looking Fantastic, being a Level V Badass can make even the most jacked gear look the business.

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75 Replies to “Anatomy of a Photo: Looking Fantastic”

  1. @TommyTubolare

    I know, that was Merckx talking to Frank for trying to take 10 points away.


    That sounds like fun, with a few problems. Main one being finances, as I still haven’t found a job, but I have talked to the LBS a few times and they said maybe in the spring. I would have to get a passport as well, or smuggle myself across the border. What i the drinking age in the Great White North? I will be 19, could I participate in the post-ride recovery? It would be cool to do a little “mini-tour” up and back as well. I will definitely keep it in mind. Is there a specific thread for this, or just the Cogals thread?

  2. Oh sweet, Wikipedia says 19 for Ontario drinking age, now to work this out.

  3. @Steampunk


    Those leg protectors aren’t much more dorker that guys taping on that bright Green and Blue SpiderTech nonsense on their legs these days.

    I was waiting for someone to comment on that one way or the other. I’m still on the fence, especially if they provide some muscular support, which improves performance. I mean, Frank has been known to rock the nose plaster, for chrissakes! Also just got a couple of the Spidertech thingies from their launch swag bag. Don’t see myself ever wearing them, mind…

    To be fair, I only do that because Der Ullrich did it. Not for any performance-enhancing effect.


    Lest we forget Roger’s smallest gear is probably 42-19!

    Best.Handle.Ever. Just watched that move the other day. When Dave pulls out 96kmph on the freeway on his little ring, that’s some class riding.

  4. @frank
    Right. But I get the impression you likely wouldn’t wear RdV’s garters, even though RdV evidently did. And lots of guys have been rocking the SpiderTech tape over the past year or two. I wasn’t criticizing, just observing.

  5. @Steampunk

    Right. But I get the impression you likely wouldn’t wear RdV’s garters, even though RdV evidently did. And lots of guys have been rocking the SpiderTech tape over the past year or two. I wasn’t criticizing, just observing.

    Sure, sure. No worries. Is there a problem with the SpiderTech tape when you have an injury? Is it ineffective? Not a physio. No clue.

    I’m assuming that because of a lack of photographic evidence of him having worn them more often, this was an experiment and he abandoned ship. If he hadn’t, I bet I’d have a set in my kit somewhere.

  6. @frank
    I’ve only heard good things about the SpiderTech stuff, but I’m not a physio either. I was responding to Chipomarc and suggesting that form and function sometimes overlap. Or style and performance.

  7. @[email protected]
    And then you looked closer and saw that it read Flemish, right?

    BTW, if a Flemish mirror is catching one’s reflection in the rain soaked road, what is catching one’s reflection in a plate-glass window or own shadow on the road? Admit, you do it when you can.

  8. @Steampunk @frank

    I haven’t used the SpiderTech stuff but my physio has been taping my knee using regular tape to achieve a similar effect. As well as the gout and arthritis I seem to have lost some strength and stability through years of relative inactivity. The tape helps provide stability without losing too much mobility. She uses different types/grades of tape depending on which bit of the the knee it’s going on. The kevlar fibred stuff looked pretty cool. Between that and acupuncture with electric shocks my knee is much improved.

  9. Re the tape on the knees malarkey – my physio is recommending I use it to keep stuff going on in the right place – the word is its pretty good these days (going back 15 years it was nasty!) and if it helps me ride for an extra day or 2 then thats good enough for me!

  10. @[email protected]

    My left knee cap sits slightly too far left as a result of other bits not doing their job properly. The tape has been doing that while we’ve been working on getting the knee cap back in place with lots of exercises that leave the whole thing aching deeply.

  11. @Chris
    are you finding it any better? I think when we change anything with our ingrained riding style it takes a while to readjust to it whilst the newly activated muscles get used to the new stresses!

  12. @Chris

    It hasn’t really affected the riding too much unless I ride when the tape is new on and hasn’t had a chance to get any stretch. usually it’s been on for a day before I ride. Being relatively new to road cycling, my stroke isn’t that embedded so adjustments aren’t that big a deal. I think also the muscles are naturally making the adjustments as they get stronger so it’s a fairly slow incremental process.

  13. @All @Liege @Cobbles

    Just wanted to send my best wishes to all those in Leige who have been effected by that fking mentalist. Although we are all used to seeing the blood of competitors on the cobbles it should never have had to meet the blood of innocents. They are hard bastards though, their racing is a testament to that so I have not doubt they will recover from the shocking event. The guy was a drug dealer, convicted sex offender, all round scumbag and wimp as was shown by his suicide at the end.


  14. @huffalotpuffalot
    bad shit indeed – there seems to be a never ending supply of these tossers

    I think I’ll do a quick review of the one’s I’m meant to be looking after – sadly hard to tell what people do when they close their doors

  15. @mblume

    That looks like the picture they placed next to the definition of Rule #9..unless they decided to use this one…

    Good interview describing that day located here.

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  17. @frank


    Clearly RdV does give a damn that it’s cold, wet and nasty or he wouldn’t be wearing those stupid leg protectors. That’s 10 points off his style file he’ll never get back.

    That’s like telling Warren Buffet he lost a c-note. Its not like those ten point make any difference to his VVorth. That aside, SERIOUSLY. What. The. Fuck. Are. Those. Things? And they had knee warmers and tights then. What did these offer that those couldn’t?

    Mystery, @frank. Mystery.

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