Velominati Super Prestige: Liege-Bastogne-Liege

The inaugural Velominati Super Prestige continues with its last installment of the Spring Classics, Liége-Bastogne-Liége, on Sunday, April 25.   This will be the fourth race in the season-long series and with the unpredictability of the Ardennes classics continuing as it has, the competition is doing nothing to open up but is instead closer now than ever.

Thankfully, the eruption of Eyjafjallaj̦kull has mellowed out and travel seems to be opening up across Europe, so we are not expecting a lot of uncertainly about the start list at this stage Рespecially since most riders who have Liege on their race program have already managed make the journey to Belgium.

Of all the classics, La Doyenne is the most likely to yield a successful breakaway, which lends even more excitement to the possible race predictions.  Rob continues to hold the lead which he took at Roubaix; but much like Contador’s performance on the Mur de Huy corroborated the notion that perhaps he’s off the sauce, Rob’s lackluster performance at La Fleche eases our minds that  he isn’t working within any illegal sooth-saying rings.

This winner of this Super Prestige edition will again earn an “Obey the Rules” bumper sticker  and all reader’s points qualify towards the final prize of the free Velominati Shop Apron.  As always, if you are inclined to enter, simply post your predictions for the top five placings in the comment section.  Check back here or on the Super-Prestige main page for updated rules as we will be introducing a bonus-point program for this edition.

Good luck.

Rules and results are posted Velominati Super Prestige page.

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67 Replies to “Velominati Super Prestige: Liege-Bastogne-Liege”

  1. C’mon peeps, who’s gonna start it off this time? Is La Doyenne gonna suit a breakaway specialist like Kolobnev this time around? What of Gilbert? He’s said this is his major goal of the spring. Then again, maybe old Jens will please us all. And did you hear? Veino is going to be there, he’s won it before. Will Good Cadel show up twice in one week? Cunt-odor surely will factor in. Can the Schlepps find the winning brother-on-brother action? What’s it gonna be folks?

  2. @Marko
    Yeah, we’re all chicken cuz no one knows what to do! We’re paralyzed by the possibilities. We need to observe Rule #5 and get on with it.

    I’ll get my predictions in today.

  3. Mention of Rule #5 has prompted me to man up and maximise the prospects of another bumper sticker.

    Bloody difficult. Don’t really got a clue, to be honest. But here goes:

    1. Gilbert
    2. Pistolero
    3. A Grimpeur
    4. Piti
    5. Kreuziger

    Two additional lists, by way of grauitous cluttering of the page:

    What I’d like to see (but am pretty sure I won’t):

    1. F Grimpeur
    2. A Grimpeur
    3. Gilbert
    4. Hesejdal
    5. Ivanov

    What I’d hate to see (and hope to God I don’t):

    1. Piti
    2. Vino
    3, 4 & 5. Don’t care. The world will have ended for me.

    Best wishes to all for your picks.

  4. Way to lead things off again Geof. I’d talk shit to Rob right now with only a one point deficit but this is too difficult and I look like an idiot around here enough. So here goes:

    1. Gilbert – It’s gonna be his day
    2. J. Rodriguez – He’s got the UCI standing right now and wants to represent
    3. A. Schleck – He still doesn’t have the winning form but has hella team support
    4. Cunt-odor – He’s pissed at himself after Wednesday and now has Vein-O’s support
    5. Nibali – Because Leaky-gas has a strong outfit for this race.

    Wish I could watch this weekend but alas will be working. Enjoy everyone and good luck with your picks. Look out Rob!

  5. Marko’s really upping the nickname ante there!

    Geof, talk about hedging your bets…

    Here goes;

    1. I’m gonna let my Aussie blood take over and pick Good Evans.
    2. Valverde. He’ll probably win now I’ve picked him for second.
    3. I’m finding it hard to resist some Cunt-odor…
    4. Edit: Gilbert, to stack my 5
    5. Cunego…

  6. Gilbert – the race goes past his house, how can he not win?
    Evans – destined to meet the man with the hammer now I’ve picked him.
    Rodriguez – Ivanov and Kolobnev softening the field with some crazy breaks.
    Cunego – Improving in the last 2, due a good result.

    Another hill circuit tomorrow morning for me with my fresh back from injury chum. I’ve nobly volunteered to go out and induce a beer handicap this evening to even the gap. Tough work.

  7. This sucks! I am in complete contradiction of Rule #5 I have lost my mojo, nerves, too big a field – the excuses just keep piling up. Why is it my connection is never around for the tough one’s?Marko bring it on, so I get a spine – Please.

    Ok going way out here:

    1.) A. schleckster
    2.) Flecha
    3.) Horner
    4.) Boonen
    5.) Hushovd

  8. @Rob
    Particularly bold given the fact those guys aren’t on the start list and climb like rocks.

    But to be fair – and looking over my potential picks – I see little evidence that suggests I would score more points picking guys who are on the roster.

  9. @Joe
    Beer handicap sounds like a terrible chore. I hope there’s at least a good pub local where you can ease the burden a bit.

  10. OK, Rule #5.

    1. Gilbert
    2. Vino
    3. Piti
    4. Evans
    5. F Grimpeur

    In line with Geof’s dream list, what I’d like to see happen:

    1. Voigt – solo from 240km
    2. F Grimpeur
    3. A Grimpeur
    4. Gesink
    5. Gilbert

    DNS: Piti, Cuntador for being douchebags and finally getting snagged.

  11. @frank

    Particularly bold given the fact those guys aren’t on the start list and climb like rocks.

    Yes, well I like to go outside the box. That’s not true in this case – just dumb confusion on my part.
    So for a second try:

    1.) A. Schleck
    2.) Hushovd
    3.) Evans
    4.) Horner
    5.) Cancellara

    Ha. This list takes into account many subtleties like, brotherly love/hate, home turf, ego, patriotism and respect among others. Mostly these are my issues and I just hope my picks have a good day and climb above their abilities…

  12. I should just sit this one out, freekin lists, I am so off track. Last try.

    1.) A. Schleck
    2.) F. Schleck
    3.) Evans
    4.) Horner
    5.) Gilbert

    Don’t ask.

  13. Judges relegate me to lantern rouge if it is against the Rules to be such a dorkwad and have 3 goes.

  14. @Rob

    Judges relegate me to lantern rouge if it is against the Rules to be such a dorkwad and have 3 goes.

    In Dutch we have an expression, “Not even a jackass will bump into the same rock twice.”

    But how can we regulate you with a list like that? I mean, that’s pretty close to my fantasy list right there. Well done!

  15. Most peculiar action for la doyenne. Clearly weirdness is contagious. After spending the better part of the day applying a booze handicap to assist my injured pal on our ride tomorrow, I got the fear of getting dropped and came home for an hour on the turbo…not sure where that fits into the rules. Feel pretty wrongo now though for sure.

  16. After spending the better part of the day applying a booze handicap to assist my injured pal on our ride tomorrow, I got the fear of getting dropped and came home for an hour on the turbo…not sure where that fits into the rules. Feel pretty wrongo now though for sure.

    Oooohhhh….booze and turbo trainer…that’ll clear the ol’ head.

  17. @frank
    Jens! Shit. How did I leave him out of my dream list? On the basis of the multiple dispensations granted to Rob (see how dangerous it can be to set a precedent), and also on the basis that dream lists don’t count for points anyway, I’d lke to modify my dream list to include Jens, as follows: Voigt and Ivanov joint 5th, having been in a two-man breakaway for 240k’s and decided, once they’d been overtaken by the Les Freres Grimpeur, M. Gilbert and Ryder H, to ensure that they cross the line precisely at the same time (just to piss off Tchmil and Sixty).

  18. @brett I wish I could use it as an excuse but it was just nerves and over training…

    @MarkoThanks Marko, I did see that on the third round. It will be funny if he comes in at the last minute – I’m not really sure it is the best course for his skilz though?

    @Geof Hey, Hey did I get dispensations? Or just the same treatment as you all?? At least my shit is in the “real” world not in some fantasy zone – its easy to pick for that one!

    But seriously, obviously I’m just having a hard enough time but it seems the judges have ruled and I guess we could change our picks right up to the start?

  19. @Geof
    Very apre pos on the precedent thing, although there is a loosely accepted convention already in place (first exercised by me) that if you pick someone not on the start list that you can make a change. That said, if anyone starts doping their start list to buy themselves more time, we’ll have to enforce some regulations.

  20. Everybody settle down…I should have El Pistolero, Valverde and Vino on here somewhere but I just can’t. Still, it really is a remarkable line up for this race. Too bad American TV won’t show it for a week. Losers. Too much bull riding to show the American [email protected]!#

    1. Gilbert, it has to be
    2. A. Schleck, he is fit but not quite 2009 fit
    3. Ryder Hesjedal, he is cool and he has CVD as domestique
    4. Pretty Good Evans
    5. Horner

    boom, that’s it.

    but who I would like to see win
    1. Horner because he is old and tough
    2. Hesjedal because he is young and tough
    3. Jens Voigt because he is old and super tough

  21. @john
    To steal a phrase, “good on ya boyo.” Nice one, when you wake up out there in them pineapple fields you can really pickem. And I think were calm now… certainly I feel that I did no wrong unless stoopid is wrong? But if I am missing some arcane twist in the rules of the competition please, anyone, clue me in! Good luck everybody!!

  22. So this picking the “what I’d like to see” list is a new development. It’s like fantasy-fantasy cycling I think. I don’t know how that fantasy football shit works, nor do I care, because football is not a hardman sport. But I digress. What I’d like to see in my fantasy-fantasy:
    1. De Vlameanck
    2. Merckx
    3. De Wolf
    4. Ballerini
    5. Hampsten

    as long as were dreaming right?
    But for real tomorrow fantasy
    1. Jens
    2. Kloden
    3. Horner
    4. A. Grimpeur
    5. F. Grimpeur

  23. @Rob
    No, Rob, you’re right. I was wrong to suggest that you had received dispensation and that you may have inadvertently overlooked Rule #5. I apologise. By way of (modest) atonement, in the extremely unlikely event that any of my lists prove the most successful, I think you should have the bumper sticker. Unless that’s inconsistent with the Rules.

  24. Ok, no more fantasy shit… keep it REAL!

    I’m revising my list here… we can do that, right?

    LL Cool Sanchez

  25. @Rob
    Dinna fasch yerself laddie, it made for good reading. Third time is the charm.

    And thanks for the URL Frank, I will get up at 0 dark-30 and see if the race is still going. I hope it’s in Dutch. As long as Vino doesn’t win, that would be awful.

    Good luck all.

  26. @Geof
    No biggie, it sort of felt like I was transgressing something, but maybe that was because I was in such a state? No attonement needed – the folks here are having trouble wrapping their tiny minds around one bumper sticker 2 would just plain freak them out…

    “Ok, no more fantasy shit… keep it REAL!”
    Thank you, another time and place, you know top 5 hard man list, world champions, all time best ever list that could be fun… in a dorky sort of way but here and now “fantasy” is just using your left hand too much, if you know what I mean.

  27. @Jarvis
    Yeah, that was awful. Vino is awful though he won it fair and square. Never heard from Horner or Ryder at the front. Hmmmmmm…should be an interesting tally from Frank as no one picked the winner, again.

  28. @john
    Veino, Piti bookending the podium. The UCI might as well give up on dope controls or trying to enforce any kind of punishment based on the results. Anyone else notice how close all the races are and how the attacks just keep coming and coming? Seems the boys might be on a new jet fuel.

  29. Nathan Edwards :@GeofDoes that mean your world has ended?

    Geof doesn’t live here anymore. He ran, screaming, from the house, saying something about only watching “real” sports like WWF from now on. He also said “Fuck” quite a lot.

  30. Fucking AWESOME! Veino, legend! He’s done his time, let him be. He’s an awesome rider who lights it up.

    EVERYONE is doped, don’t go on about it. F Schleck paid 5000 Euros to Fuentes, so you can’t hold him up as a good guy. Millar, did his time, and some of you hold him up as a good guy too. What about Zabel, Boonen? They get your support too…

    It’s naive to think that there are only some riders who are the bad guys.

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