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Oude Kwaremont Bruin

Guest Article: Oude Kwaremont Beer

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Longtime Velominati Jarvis is camping down the road from us in Kemmel. He came by last night to visit and added to the list of people we are finally meeting after knowing them from the website. It’s a beautiful thing to meet such like-minded friends in person. Luckily our responsibilities today, post-Roubaix riding, are beautiful:…


Velominati Super Prestige: Ronde van Vlaanderen 2012

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The Keepers and Rigid rolled into a region in France called Flandres which, without doing any further research into the matter, we assume is the coloquial French term for this region of the world. If its anything like the other regions in Europe, these places have roots that extend way past any modern country’s border…

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Velominati Super Prestige: Women’s Ronde van Vlaanderen 2012

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The Velominati Super-Prestige continues with our second Women’s event of 2012, the Women’s Ronde van Vlaanderen. This one is made even more exciting for me by the fact that I now have some small connection to the Women’s Tibco Racing Team, as I watched with envy as they each pulled their bikes off the oversized…

The missing machine.

Waiting for My Bike

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Points of complication are usually both surprising and completely predictable. Take, for instance, international travel. We don’t really have trouble cramming a few hundred people who don’t know each other in a small, confined space and chucking in the air at 9,000 meteres to a destination several thousand kilometers away. That bit, apparently, is simple and is…


In Memoriam: The Tricolore

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It was a simple time. Team kit was understated, with black shorts and a few colored panels on the jersey. Race Leader and National Championship jerseys were plain, and often even lacking in the name of the sponsor. National Championship jerseys in particular were a matter of national pride more than sponsorship; it was an honor…

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Cobbles, Bergs, Beer, and Legends. Putting the V Back in Vlaanderen.

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It has been a busy couple of weeks in the Velominati Boardroom as we’ve been scrambling to finalize a few partnerships and get all the products for the Keepers Tour customers designed and produced. Suffice to say, fists and beers were slammed in tandem as we feverishly worked out the final designs. Producing V-Pints, V-Shirts, and…

Deliverance: The line.

Guest Article: My Journey from Milano to Sanremo

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While the rest of us where bickering over the style in which the finale of one of the most exciting editions of Milano-Sanremo played out, @Pedale.Forchetta was busy behind the finish line, living and breathing the reality of the race. He spent the day following the race to photograph the riders and tifosi and generously…

Tom Steels takes his second G-W victory in 1999

Velominati Super Prestige: Gent-Wevelgem 2012

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Gent conjures up images of the quintessential Flemish city. Age-old medieval architecture rising from the river’s edge is classically Belgian. Gent is also firmly tied to Belgium’s greatest gift to the world, cycling tradition. Many a pro-expat cyclist has relocated to Gent with the hope of testing their mettle in the seat of cycling’s soul.…


Tubulars: Art, Science, and Ritual

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As Keepers Tour crossed from dream to reality and routes over the cobblestones of Northern Europe were sketched out, with it came the familiar tingling in my fingertips and uneasy sensation at the base of my spine as my mind starts its irrevocable journey towards categorizing as mandatory an unnecessary indulgence. I was going to need a wheelset and…

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Those things in life that are worth having are those things which are difficult to come by; perseverance is made more rewarding by the volume of messages ignored by the mind as we work towards a goal. Fatigue comes in many forms and is normally framed in negative connotations; weariness, exhaustion – both things to…


CA Cogal Report: It Takes Two to Cogal

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@nate’s take: When @sgt announced the California Cogal I knew a road trip was in my future. Unable to make it for both days for velominatus paterfamilias reasons, the first question was which day. Solvang is a bit closer to the Bay Area but the temptation of a Big Climb was too much and I…

Fignon drills it on the Pogio in 1989. Photo: L'Equipe

Velominati Super Prestige: Milano San-Remo 2012

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The Poggio. It’s probably one of the most famous easy climbs in the world; going through old cycling photographs, I rarely come across one where the leaders haven’t moved Sur La Plaque. It has a reputation, however, for being a real leg breaker, mostly because any climb is a big climb once you cross its…


Ride Like a Girl: Meg Fisher

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This is Meg. Keeper Jim and I found Meg spinning loops around Mercer Island, big-ringing the rollers in the pouring rain. Meg likes sunsets, puppies, and had a gerbil named Fränk. Meg doesn’t need bad weather to be considered a badass; Meg rides her bike with one leg, so riding in the rain is hardly a blip…

Tool of the Anti-Merckx?   Photo from

Guest Article: Anti-Reverence? The Spin Bike.

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Our balaclava wearing friend, @Oracle, submitted this winter reflection on the V. The article is a little ripe, but for many, spring is still a long way off and the gym or a balaclava are the only solutions to some tough questions.  Yours in Cycling, Gianni — This past winter, I went round a bit…


La Vie Velominatus: Train Properly

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There are few pleasures in life as great as to achieve a goal, to accomplish something that doesn’t come easily. Great lessons are taught through this activity; we learn that it is our determination and not our doubt that defines our limits. We learn that through studied discipline we can cultivate the skills required to…

Fizik is the new Contact Point Supplier for Keepers Tour: Cobbled Classics 2012

Keepers Tour Update: Contact Point Supplier: fi’zi:k

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It’s crazy to me how fast two months from peaking goes by. At Christmas time I remember thinking how distant the Keepers Tour 2012 felt and that I’d have plenty of time to train. Now that time is measured in weeks instead of months and my feelings tend more toward doubt about my form. Cycling…


Asheville, North Carolina Mini-Cogal

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Asheville, North Carolina holds the distinction of being the only town in the world wherein I came across an elderly gentleman who asked me where the “shindig” was. The shindig, I came to learn, was in reference to an impromptu bluegrass festival the town was having, and a while later we came upon the same gentleman busy…


Velominati Super Prestige: Paris-Nice 2012

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It’s right around this time of year when the little voice in my head that spurs me on in cold, wet, Rule #9 conditions starts getting overpowered by all my other personalities who at this stage are gathering stones and crowbars and getting ready to enforce their will on him regarding their preference for riding in nice,…

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