Equinox: The Cyclist’s New Years Day

Equinox: The Cyclist’s New Years Day

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  1. The new Velominati look is cool – nice job.

    Even though I attempt to keep riding somewhat through the winter – by commuting and the occasional mountain bike ride and wind trainer session – I still wind up taking weeks off at a time.

    Changing the clock and seeing daylight after work changes all that and marks the official beginning of the riding season for me as well. I left work at 6:00 PM today and easily made it home before dark, even riding at a slow pace.

    It’s also a reminder how much fitness I’ve lost since November or so, but that’s okay, since I know it will return once again – like it does every year.

  2. @Dan O
    Thanks for the compliment on the site; we’re very pleased with the new look as well. Glad you agree on DLS; I knew I couldn’t be the only one!

  3. I was wondering what the ruling was about leg hair over the winter.

  4. @Cyclops
    Everything’s legal so long as you don’t get caught. I stopped shaving about a month ago, but I haven’t ridden without tights or warmers since.

  5. @Cyclops, @Steampunk
    Sorry, you keep shaving all year long, no exceptions. You do this to remind yourself that you’re a cyclist. If you spot your shaven leg while you’re reaching for that fourth turkey leg at Christmas dinner, it will remind you to put the fork down.

    If, on the other hand, you spot your hairy hippy douchebag leg wiggling around under the table, you’ll just reach over, grab another shovelful or mashed pertaters and dig back in.

  6. @frank
    So, what you’re saying is we should shave for Christmas dinner? I don’t know whether this is Dutch or American influence on your part, but around these parts, we typically wear trousers at Christmas dinner, making it rather difficult to tell whether the guns are primed or hairy. B’sides: up above, you talk about the inaugural leg-shaving of the season. What gives?

  7. @Steampunk

    He uses Nair during the off-season, and only actually shaves during the cycling season.

  8. @Cyclops
    Don’t you have a desire for shaved legs all the time? I just shaved this morning, then promptly slipped into a pair of flannel pants. Such sensations are some of the little things that make the cyclist’s life better than the non-cyclist’s life.

  9. It’s the first week of November, it’s Idaho, and the whole week has been upper 60’s with NO wind. I’ll be leaving work early today for a couple of hours of LSD. Life is good.

  10. Winter riding has come a long way with LED lights. There is no excuse to not ride in honour of Rule #9. The winter sport I choose is back country telemark so I don’t end up with thunder thights like Frank. Imagine skiing up a mountain for hours with heavy boots and skis. Then doing hundreds of lunges down the mountain. Good for the quads? You betcha. It’s raining now, and I’m going to go ride

  11. Hallelujah! Daylight savings time kicks in this weekend! It’ll be light out till around 7pm. Throw on a couple of lights and it’s time to hit the road after work. With a freaky mild winter here in WI, I’m ahead of last year in fitness and with 50s today and tomorrow, I’m scooting out a bit early to take advantage of it. While we’re not completely out of the winter season here, that hour shift means a lot to all of us (in the northern hemisphere.)

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