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Come climb with me!

On Saturday I rolled out solo in my Flandrian Best to meditate upon the V. I’d been troubled of late by turmoil among the Velominati…What color socks? Warmers or tights? Helmet or no? Not to mention the lingering melancholy brought on by the realization that the Keeper’s Classic would roll out without me, chained as I am to the yoke of wage slavery. So it was with a heavy heart that I hit the bottom of the driveway and began turning the pedals.  As I toiled up the first climb from my house, the clouds of despair began to lift and the natural rhythms of the ride began to lift my spirits. How lucky I am to ride roads like this right from my door, miles and miles of twisty, two-lane, lightly trafficked tarmac, with my choice of routes! Rolling? Climbs? Flats?  Got ’em all.

The day was brisk, just 10 degrees, and my newest acquisitions, the silver and orange Carnac Helios shoes I’ve now dubbed “Orange Sunshine” for their psychedelic splendor and mood elevating qualities flashed beneath my knees in a peppery cadence, perfectly accenting the new Witte Bibs and V-Gilet.  As I sped along, pondering various epic combos to present to you all as a Cogal, considering all the possibilities, I came to a comforting realization:  We can ride the roads I’m privileged to ride every day! No need to worry about impressing anyone!  So that’s what we’re going to do. Ride my favorite roads.  With that, I’m pleased to present for your consideration the first California Cogal.

Day One: 114 km, 1663 m climbing

Date: March 3, 2012

Categorization: VV

This is the best of Santa Barbara roads, including an ascent of legendary Gibraltar Road, then across the top of the mountains, descending the equally famous Old San Marcos Pass. Ride starts and ends at  Handlebar Coffee Roasters. Rollout at 9-0-V.  Lunch / dinner and beverages after.

Route and location details on the Cogal Event Page.

Day 2: 111 km, 952 m climbing

Date: March 4, 2012

Categorization: Casually Deliberate

We head over the hills we climbed yesterday for 111 rolling km’s through Santa Barbara’s incomparable wine country, including the last few km of the ToC Solvang TT (sadly not in the parcours for 2012).  Rollout is 9-0-V again, from the Bulldog Cafe in Solvang. Lunch and beverages after at Trattoria Grappolo in Santa Ynez.

Route and location details on the Cogal Event Page.

While I hope many of you will be able to do both days, please feel free to do one or the other should time be a limiting factor.  Temps can be anything from 5-25 this time of year, so come prepared. See you all in March!

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[separator break=”true”/][productphoto thumbnail=””/][product buttonid=”Y5JK65MQFHRA2″ name=”Cogal V-Pint” price=”30.00″ optionslabel=”Cogal” options=”Santa Barbara, California 2012″ /]Attendees of Cogals may order Cogal V-Pints, emblazoned with the name of their Cogal. These are intended only for Cogal attendees and are shipped to the organizer for pick-up at the event.
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70 Replies to “California Cogal”

  1. This is the big weekend, boys and girls! We’ve got a bit of Rule #9 today, but the weekend forecast looks to be cracking! Unfortunately I spent this weekend in violation of Rule #11, so I’m hoping to still have some form. Will be trying to sneak an easy ride or two in this week. Hope to see a bunch of you in Santa Barbara this weekend!

  2. @sgt
    I’m booked for Saturday, looks like the weather will be gorgeous. Put on fresh bar tape yesterday, just need to figure out what wheels to bring.

  3. @Nate
    Bring the climbing wheels. And bring me a pair while you’re at it.

    Anybody else COGAL’ing this weekend?

  4. @sgt
    What I’m really trying to figure is to bring the tubulars or the clinchers. Weight is about the same. Leaning tubulars as they are just nicer especially downhill. How are the descents? That’s where the difference is. On the other hand when riding with a group there’s more margin for error with clinchers.

    Hope others of you are coming out for the rides. Otherwise I will be forced to conclude that our state suffers from a severe V-deficit.

  5. @Nate
    The big descent is from the top of Painted Cave, about -1000m over 16km, with a couple of pretty steep sections. Road condition is good for the most part, there are a couple of rough sections along the ridgeline. I’m on clinchers, but go with whatever floats your boat.

  6. @Nate
    cannot believe my pain will continue all year – seeing you in your ill-gotten Vuelta jersey. Your final rest day swap in of the winner whose name escapes everyone was shameful.

  7. if i can get out of the house in time i will be meeting you up at the bulldog- all depends on the toddlers schedule.

  8. @thedago
    Sounds like it may just be us chickens. Wanna ride local instead? I have to admit I’m pretty pasted after today.

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