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Boffo’s Ride (nice bar tape)

 Rule #4 is clear but how do you explain to your five year old what a twatwaffle is? I was left trying to define twatwaffle to a room full of relatives, none five years old but a few close to ninety-five years old. Someone opened The Book of Rules and loudly read out Rule #4. Some hand waving and muttering about the Dutch deflected things, thankfully. Five year olds would not have let me off so easily, “but uncle Gianni, what is a twatwaffle?” @blackpooltower or @blacktoolpower introduces us to Boffo’s take on Rule #4.

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TT Champion Lisa Brennauer won’t be here….

I have an idea. If Mr Cookson and the UCI are eager to lift women’s cycling up, why not sponsor a women’s race for each of the Monuments of the sport? A Giro di Lombardia Féminin would be a much better end to the season than the Chrono Des Nations. Each Monument would have an earlier start time than the men’s, a slightly shorter...

Vermont in Autumn. Photo via @LazyJackFlas…


by frank / Oct 15 2014 / 27 posts

I’ve lost a lot of things that were, at some point or another, dear to me. At times, I’ve even cast them away deliberately, either because of a nurtured indifference or an irrational or impulsive dislike. Regret is an easy emotion to find in reflection, it lays right at the surface and provides us with a quick answer without requiring...