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Fraser MacMaster. Legend. Hairy legs and all.

PRO Never Dies

by brett / Dec 17 2014 / 19 posts

I love discovering things about people who I think I know. Maybe it’s a work colleague or friend of a friend who you run into once a month, maybe every week, and as the relationship lengthens and develops you pick up a nugget of information here and there. Sometimes a mutual acquaintance will proffer an anecdote, or if they’re talking about me to someone else, more than likely an embarrassing story of drunken debauchery. (I swear, it was like that when I got there.)

Moving to a new city, or in my case a whole new country is a constant learning curve; the culture, the streets, where the best rides are, and the people. As you go along, you soon self-seed who you want to hang out with, those who you like to have a chat with when you run into them occasionally, and others to avoid like a saddle sore on race day. Luckily, the latter are few and far between. Continue reading

This cat got skills

I think it would be hard for anyone to make the case that Eddy Merckx was Roger de Vlaeminck’s Cycling Sensei, but I think we can all agree that De Vlaeminck was a student of Merckx, if only a student of his domination. But every student at some point becomes the master, and the driven student will always challenge the Order of Things.Eve...

Eddy and The Man. Copyright Jan Cleijne

@Blackpooltower is obviously spending all his n+1 money on new cycling books, or he works in the little seen cycling-specific bookshop. Either way, he is nice enough to catch us all up on what is vvorthy. The lead image alone is enough, it’s fantastic. It’s worthy of its own article or, even better, a movie. It is not too late for hint...