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Jaw Dropper: Velominati Jawbones

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I’m the first to admit that we are probably over doing it on the Velominati Kit article thing. That being said, I simply have to put one more out there, which will double more-or-less as a product review. I previously wrote a piece on Radars and Jawbones wherein I asserted that Oakley Radars are the…

Climbing high on Hurricane Ridge

Flying the Velominati Kit on Hurricane Ridge

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As you know, the first shipment of the Velominati kit arrived last week and the reception has been universally enthusiastic by the recipients (with the exception of Brett, who loves the look but is at least two months from peaking and too fat to climb).   Some of the most well-received details are the orange DutchMonkey cuffs on the…


Velominati: You Must Obey

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What motivates a Velominatus?  It seems a simple question, but the answer is complicated and gets into various issues that are neither interesting nor compelling. For me, cycling has been a life-long obsession.  I enjoy any kind of riding.  I enjoy technical, single-track mountain biking, I enjoy riding on dirt roads or wide trails.  I…

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