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The Hardmen: Cover Art.

The Hardmen: Legends of the Cycling Gods

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Today’s a big deal over here at VHQ; V-Pints are being clinked and backs are being slapped in celebration of our second book, The Hardmen, being released in the UK and Commonwealth countries today, June 1. (It is due out in the United States in the Fall as well as The Netherlands and Belgium in Spring…

New Kit design (VLVV) and V-Casquettes

V-Announcements: VLVV Product Line and Long-Awaited V-Casquettes

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Whenever I drive somewhere in my car, I find myself wondering what the road would feel like from a bike. Driving in a car feels like cheating, especially on a windy day; roads are gobbled up at constant speeds irrespective of the conditions. On a bicycle, you learn what it costs to move up a gradient…

We've been Buysse

V-Announcements: We’re Back!

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I have to tell you, there is very little that gets me as aggravated as having Velominati go down. Its like having kids kicking down my sandcastle when I was a kid, watching helplessly as your labor of love collapses right before your eyes. We’ve spent the better part of the last month with the…

We've been Buysse

V-Announcements: Site Refresh and New Connections

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I don’t know what it is about Production servers, but they’re always different from Staging and Test servers. And when I say “different” I mean “sinister and evil”. Never the less, we have successfully launched Velominati’s site refresh. It was high time, too; after serving us well for V years, the site’s infrastructure was showing its…

Merckxy Christmas and a Coppi New Year

Merckxy Christmas

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To each and every one of you in our community, we’d like to express our heartfelt gratitude for your continued support and involvement in our community. Velominati is a project born of passion more than planning, and the fact that we’ve managed to gain your support means the world to us; over the years I’ve come…

The Prophet hands down the New V-Estament

Book Release: Events and New Rules

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The Rules lie at the beginning of The Path, not the end. In pursuit of La Vie Velominatus, we know of no end to the Path; each of us journey through an endless evolution of understanding and reverence. As such, The Word continues to be handed down from high upon Mount Velominis and The Rules…


The Rules: Coming to the US May 5

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We recently lost our beloved Great Dane, Kirki, who we nicknamed Beene for reasons that elude logic. She was a good dog, more sweet than clever. A sad side effect of big dog breeds and their short lives is that it wasn’t until nearly the end of her life that she made certain key discoveries…

Roubaix photo-Jakob Kristian Sørensen

The 2013 Anti-V Award

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We reflect on another year of cycling; who has been naughty and who has been nice. The rusty chain award used to go to the biggest tool of the year but that has been folded into the Anti-V award. In years past the rusty chain award usually went to the present day dopers. Multi-year winners…

Merckxy Christmas and a Coppi New Year!

Merckxy Christmas and Coppi New Year!

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To each of you in our Community, we’d like to thank you for making Velominati a worthwhile place to visit and be a part of. Velominati, as most of you know, is a passion project that is borne of our nights and weekends, to be juggled between full time jobs, family, friends, and our first…

V-Announcements: New Photo Upload Tool

V-Announcements: New Photo Upload Tool

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We interrupt our usual programming to announce that we have quietly been building and testing an upgraded photo upload tool, which now supports mobile devices and tablets, as well as adding captions to album photos. There is also beta support for pasting photos into the post editor, although in our testing this has been a…


Photo Contest: The Ever-Present V

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Five is an important number. Assuming nothing has gone amuck in our development or our usage of cutlery, we each boast five digits on both our hands and both our feet. Most of us have five senses. Most miraculously, any number multiplied by five and then divided by five gives you the same number you…

The Rules: The Way of the Cycling Disciple

The Way of the Cycling Disciple: Publication & e-Book Sampler

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Every once in a while, you stumble across a quote that changes your outlook on how you approach life. Of course, this requires that one does a good deal of “reading”, which is a problem for me, as reading anything that isn’t Cycling-related feels the same as doing “work”. I do the odd bit of…

We're laying down the V and dangerous - better look out!

Velominati Kit Redesign: Half Turbine, Half Hazard

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Change creeps in slowly, it has a way of taking the seemingly immutable and eroding it over time. It’s inevitable; if the great canyons were carved from the solid rock of Mount Velomis by such a soft thing as water, then it should come as no surprise that the Velominati V-Kit would also change with time.…

V-Announcements: Velominati Partner Coupons & Discounts

V-Announcements: Velominati Partner Coupons & Discounts

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We interrupt our usual programming to announce a new and exciting program between Velominati and our Partners: Velominati Partner Coupons & Discounts. DeFeet has been quietly supporting Velominati almost since our inception, using Rule #5 and Rule #9 to promote their line of products which fall squarely into the Flandrian Best range of cycling kit.…

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