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Cult of the Bean

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The aroma. The taste. The ritual of the preparation, and the anticipation. It’s more than just a drink. Coffee is an integral part of cycling and cyclists lifestyles. But, like Campa versus Shimano, or white socks versus black, the way we imbibe the magic bean can be just as polarising. We received an email from…

Origins of a Keeper

Looks Can Be Deceiving

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At first glance, you might cite a whole host of Rules being broken here.  Bars too high, not enough set-back on the saddle, lack of chain, to name a few off the top of my head.  Furthermore, the rider of this particular bicycle lacked cycling-specific eyewear and was wearing knee pads, and was doing nothing…


Radars and Jawbones

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Those of you who have been studying our catalog of The Rules will have noticed that eyewear is to be cycling-specific, and should always accompany you on your rides.  There is a functional reason for this: your eyes are a valuable asset which you want to protect from UV rays, debris, and wind.  There is…

Who doesn't want to look this good on the bike?

The Wearing-o-the Kit

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Is it awesome to wear team kits? Yes, but took me a long time and a trip to Italy to have this revelation. Looking good in matching jersey and shorts is cool.


Canon of Cycling’s Etiquette: The Rules

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In the roughly six months since launching the Velominati, we have gradually moved from covering races, rumors, and doping to pouring over the very essence of what makes ours such a special sport – its history, culture, legends, traditions, races, and its physical and cultural challenges – and how those threads fit into cycling’s colorful…

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