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Reverence: DeFeet Un-D-Shurt and Un-D-Lite

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As indispensable and overlooked as the gilet, the undervest is the only piece of cycling kit that comes with me on every single ride, year round, in hot, in cold, in wet, or in dry. While one could be forgiven for assuming an undervest lives out its life as an insulation layer, the undervest serves a critical,…


Cogal Report: San Francisco Cogal 2012

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@Nate organized this gem up in Marin, California. Where are all you people out there? At least he was not taking you over three mountains in the French Alps. I did not attend either, disregard my name above. VLVV, Gianni @Xyerz’s take- Wow, what to say? Today’s ride was awesome! I found myself riding with…

It's thirsty work.

Cogal Report: The Alpine Ride

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@936adl loves a Cogal and he didn’t mess around with this one. Later today the San Francisco Cogal report and next week the much awaited 200 on 100 report. VLVV, Gianni It was getting dark as Martyn and I rolled back through the gates of the Campsite in Saint Jean De Maurienne after the most…

Terrorism at work against cancer.

Velominati: Terrahist

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PayPal has decided to classify Velominati as a “Terrorist Organization” because we accepted contributions last week from community members to support the fight against cancer – without being an accredited non-profit organization. So much for trying to do the “right thing”. While I’m sure they have their internal processes and reasons for this action given the current…

Brett, Frank, and Roadslave525 on Keepers Tour with Pavé Cycling Classics

V-nnouncements: Summer V-Kit Order and The Apostle Worlds

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As I gaze across my living room and see the final packages of the Spring Order’s V-Kit ready for shipment, I’m reminded that the time has come to finalize the Summer V-Kit Order. We will close the order August 3, 2012 – assuming we reach our minimum order quantities set by Castelli – which will…

Cooke takes a Rule #9 Gold (dispite violating the Goldilocks Principle)

Velominati Super Prestige: Women’s Olympic Road Race 2012

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What a difference four years can make. In Beijing, Nicole Cooke was the dominant rider in Women’s Cycling, taking wins in every important race on the Women’s calendar for several years running. Fast finish, good in the hills, good against the clock, she helped give context to what we mean by the term “all rounder”. Four…

Grewal, legally doped to the gills, takes the win ahead of Canadian Steve Bauer.

Velominati Super Prestige: Men’s Olympic Road Race 2012

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You can all wave “goodbye” to your Post GT Depression Syndrome, because the Men’s Olympic Road Race is only three days yonder. I don’t typically give two shits about this particular event; while contested by national teams, unlike the Worlds it appears as just another one-day race on a calendar filled with events that carry…

Optimism carries us to the most rewarding tasks of our lives.

La Vie Velominatus: Optimism

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If I were a pessimist, or a realist for that matter, I wonder if I might have started any of the various activities which have brought me the most pleasure and satisfaction. Though I have Cycling in my mind when I make that statement, this principle expands beyond the vast and il-defined borders of La…

Ashes on the Croix de Fer

Guest Article: Velo Love

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Even Wiggo said it’s just a bike race. Bike racing may be just that but Cycling is life. And Love is life and it’s amazing when they all get tangled up together. We first heard from @Farzani months ago; a Belgian in training. She said she had an on-going story to tell and asked if…

P1000961 (1)

Zoo Hill Time Trial: Triple Dip into the Pain Pool

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You can’t teach an old dog new tricks but you can grab a beer and watch that old dog do the same stupid thing over and over again, which is almost the same as a doing trick. On an unrelated note, I find myself, for the third year running, staring down the business end of…

Stage 16

Velominati Super Prestige: Tour de France 2012, Stage 16

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Which bold rider has this stage circled in their tour bible? Wednesday July 18th, Stage 16, 197 km. The day after a the final rest day. A climbing day with two HC climbs followed by two Category 1 climbs and a serious descent toward the finish. The Aubisque, Tourmalet, Aspin and Peyresourde: you better be…

Summer Fun in Indiana  photo by

Cogal Report: The Three Reservoir Ride Cogal

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Sundays bring Cogal reports. This Cogal invitation was posted in early June for a ride just a few weeks later. As Doug Wilcox reported, “210 kms, 70 riders and an unusually ideal day for an Indiana summer (low 80’s degree F, low humidity, and calm winds). In fact, it may be good that we have…

Not Pantani, but just as bald.

Listen to your body – Sensations from l’Alpe d’huez

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When we announced Keepers Tour 2012, one of the first to put up his hand and pony up for the Cobbled Classics experience was my good mate Rigid. When I first met this Wellington rider four or five years ago, his enthusiasm for cycling (on and off-road) was evident, but his grasp on the finer…


Velominati Super Prestige: Tour de France 2012, Stage 11

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During the 1969 Tour de France, Felice Gimondi and Ray Poulidor were fined for taking a ride from a lorry up the Tourmalet. What about Merkcx? Well, he was towing the lorry. Its an old joke, but like any good joke, it stays funny no matter how many times you hear it. I bet it’s…


The Works: The Official Treasures Of Le Tour de France

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If you’re looking for doping scandals, controversy, or lanky Brits with questionable dress sense calling people wankers, then this book is not for you. If you are looking for a comprehensive collection of memorabilia and interesting tidbits on the history of the world’s largest sporting event, then look no further than this beautifully presented tome.…

Polka dot jersey of Best Climber, France

La Femme à Pois

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“Becky? Yeah, its Jean-Paul with the Podium Girl Selection Committee. No, I don’t know how I landed this job either, and I’m not about to ask any questions because its a pretty cool job. I’m calling you about the auditions you attended for La Grande Boucle that’s coming up. “Yes, the good news is you…

Coppi's Specialissima carry's scars that tell a story.

La Bicyclette, Part II: Scars

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We meticulously care for our bicycle, stopping only just short of pampering it. Through ages spend coveting, building, and riding it, we become attached to it and its beautiful finishing details – the luster of the frame’s finish, the angle and sweep of the bars, the gleaming white tape, the tires, the wheels – all…

From a Fiat to a Ferrari

Evanescent Riders Of The 90s: Bjarne Riis

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I know what you’re thinking. How can one label Bjarne Riis an Evanescent Rider? He was a champion, he won the Tour, and went on to become one of the leading Directors Sportif in cycling. Yeah, well, just because he hung around long enough to get the right program and then jagged a job as…


The Team Car

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With the Tour underway there are many things to envy. One that always gets me is the team cars. This, to me, is the ultimate luxury (coupled with the relentless suffering, but hey, these guys are paid for this). No need to stuff your jersey with eight kilos of food and spares. A new wheel…

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