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Warming up for an hour of suffering. Photo ChrissyOne

The Quitter

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The truth is that I’d been thinking about quitting for the best part of forty-five minutes. Round and round I went on that track, every lap hurting a little bit more than the previous; every lap taking a little bit longer to complete, every lap that voice inside my head getting a little bit louder.…


Test Drive Dummies

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Everyone knows it’s a great idea to change out pieces of equipment the day before a group ride, especially an honorary Ronde van Vlaanderen Cogal involving steep, cobblestone climbs. There is obviously also no need to test-ride the equipment after making said change. I remark at this point that it is rather unexpected to find an 11 speed…

That better not be a big-ass Garmin holding up the V-Flag. Anti-V holding up the V?

Cogal Report – 2015 CogAdelaide

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Mikael’s view It seems that getting these Cogals off the ground is never without its challenges. Last year required a borrowed bike & 100k worth of riding the night before just to get to the start line, only to be rewarded with a ride in Satan’s furnace. This year, the weather & bike gods were…

First you must ride UP the Volcano

Cogal Report: The Seattle Summer Cogal 2013: The V-to-V Stage Cogal

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Yes, we got piss drunk after the 2012 Seattle Summer Cogal and dreamed up the V-to-V Stage Cogal: epic riding, vertical, a real challenge. It was indeed all that. Sadly, there was one element missing: @eightzero on the road. Turns out I had made all kinds of plans for individuals to serve a Director Sportif.…


Cogal Report: East Maui Loop 2013

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I didn’t want to climb the Eiger, I wanted to have climbed the Eiger. – Jon Krakauer, Eiger Dreams Gianni’s Take This Cogal seemed like a good idea to Frank. Right up until he understood we had to be riding at 5:25am to meet up for espresso or muffins, or dense fuel omelette loaded with cheese…

What are ye lookin' at?

Cogal Report: Scottish McCogal 2012

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The first Velominati Scottish Cogal is in the books. Organized and supported by Clan Engine, it looked to be a beautiful Scottish day on the bikes. V-kits and casually deliberate in Callander, this Cogal thing is catching on. VLVV, Gianni Engine Report Remember how you used to go to bed the night before Christmas excited?…


Cogal Report: Sydney Convict Cogal-2012

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@Harminator dreamed up the Sydney Cogal months ago and the report has just floated in. Bad weather, good attitudes, plenty of riding and malted recovery beverage, that’s how it is done. Chapeau. VLVV, Gianni Jellybean’s Take- So I woke up Sunday morning after a Saturday of fixing my #1 bike, bottle of red, and a…

Hooty-Hoo! Welcome to Vermont, mf'ers.

Cogal Report: 2Much on 100-2012

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This has been in the works for a while. I don’t want to take up too much time as you all have a lot of reading to do here. Rodger has an opening ramble then introduces us to the whole crew. Rob added his two cents worth and Xyxax wrote a perfect final report so…


Cogal Report: San Francisco Cogal 2012

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@Nate organized this gem up in Marin, California. Where are all you people out there? At least he was not taking you over three mountains in the French Alps. I did not attend either, disregard my name above. VLVV, Gianni @Xyerz’s take- Wow, what to say? Today’s ride was awesome! I found myself riding with…

It's thirsty work.

Cogal Report: The Alpine Ride

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@936adl loves a Cogal and he didn’t mess around with this one. Later today the San Francisco Cogal report and next week the much awaited 200 on 100 report. VLVV, Gianni It was getting dark as Martyn and I rolled back through the gates of the Campsite in Saint Jean De Maurienne after the most…

Summer Fun in Indiana  photo by

Cogal Report: The Three Reservoir Ride Cogal

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Sundays bring Cogal reports. This Cogal invitation was posted in early June for a ride just a few weeks later. As Doug Wilcox reported, “210 kms, 70 riders and an unusually ideal day for an Indiana summer (low 80’s degree F, low humidity, and calm winds). In fact, it may be good that we have…

The ride up Mt. Baker is long, hard, and stunning

Guest Article: Ride 542 – the Mt. Baker Hill Climb

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@eightzero is throwing down the sweaty gauntlet here. He has a vision of a V-kitted, Rule compliant freight train of pain. Normally this post would be directly slotted into the Cogal section but it technically is not a Cogal: it has an entry fee, it’s too organized and people will not get lost. We have,…

Photo Jun 16, 9 40 50 AM

Seattle Summer Cogal 2012 Report

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Some weeks ago, I took notice that the days were getting longer (note that this is not necessarily synonymous with “summer” in Seattle) and that it had been an overly long period of time since the Inaugural Seattle Cogal on Whidbey Island back in October. A quick email to Frank to suggest we organize a…

L-R: Nick, Steampunk, Adrian, Tartan1749, Will

Ontario Cogal Report: Canada Brings the V

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A word about Cogal reports from the boardroom – we will attempt to run every Cogal report that arrives but it will only be the main article for a day or less, depending on Cogal back log. We would like the reports to be enjoyed by all Velominati but we can’t leave them up for…

Artwork: @mcsqueak // Original photograph: Stephan Vanfleteren

International Cogal: Festum Prophetae

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It came to me in a moment of absolute clarity, the kind of clarity which only arrives to one in an oxygen-depleted state and at high speed – usually down a steep descent. It would be awfully nice to justify wearing my Molteni jersey, rather than having it hanging in my workshop all the time.…

The Shropshire Lads

The Shropshire Hills Cogal Ride Report

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With the Cogals slowly starting to take shape and the days getting longer, @936adl did a good job in the timing, organization, and the promotion of his Cogal. Buckle in for the fruits of his labor as from all accounts, this was a fantastic ride and great time; I’m only sad I couldn’t be there…


CA Cogal Report: It Takes Two to Cogal

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@nate’s take: When @sgt announced the California Cogal I knew a road trip was in my future. Unable to make it for both days for velominatus paterfamilias reasons, the first question was which day. Solvang is a bit closer to the Bay Area but the temptation of a Big Climb was too much and I…


Asheville, North Carolina Mini-Cogal

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Asheville, North Carolina holds the distinction of being the only town in the world wherein I came across an elderly gentleman who asked me where the “shindig” was. The shindig, I came to learn, was in reference to an impromptu bluegrass festival the town was having, and a while later we came upon the same gentleman busy…


The Shropshire Hills English Cogal

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April 2012 promises top be a special month for any Velominatus. While the current icons of our great sport do battle in spring classics, many of the Velominati will be enjoying The Keepers Tour. Meanwhile, in the quiet county of Shropshire, another event promises great things. Epic scenery, some pretty serious climbing, an imperial century,…


Portland Cogal v1.1 Post Ride Report

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“My teeth are famous!” exclaimed Fränk while Mrs. Scaler was running around with her shiny new camera, documenting the day. This happened quite a few post ride hoppy beverages into the evening after the Portland Cogal. But let me back up a bit. As most here know, Saturday was the first Velominati Portland Cogal. From…

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