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We close out the 6 Days of the Giro with our sixth and final installment. A body at rest, stays at rest. A body in motion, stays in motion. Things get a bit more ambiguous when it comes to a body on a bicycle tearing down a twisty mountain descent at speed, particularly in the…

photo by pedale.forchetta

Pink or Yellow?

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We’re into day four of the Six Days of the Giro series, let’s talk trash.  Yes the Tour de France started a few years before the Giro and has always been credited as The Tour to win. You win the Giro, you are a stud. Win the Tour and you are a stud for life.…


Dirty Romantics

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We’re into day three of the Six Days of the Giro series, and it’s time to hit the dirt. If ever a Keepers Tour goes to Italy, then we’re doing this climb. No doubt. Climbing on gravel up a real mountain, what’s not to love? In fact, you could probably do an entire Italian Gravé…


Self-Chosen: Il Pirata & Il Giro

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We continue our Six Days of the Giro series with a look at the troubled bond between Marco Pantani and the Giro. Some were meant to be tormented, as though it were preordained that their brilliance should be balanced with fatal flaws. These are tortured souls, whose dramatic highs are equalled only by the devastating depths of their…


Sur La Plaque: Rule #33

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We’re heaping coals on the Giro frenzy that’s burning in all corners of the Cycling world by issuing the second installment of the monthly BigRingRiding Sur la Plaque series while at the same time kicking off the Six Days of the Giro series where we’ll post six articles on the subject of this, the best Grand Tour…

Shoot to thrill, Teeny Bettini wins the World Road Race; Roberto Bettini

Six Days of the Worlds – Anatomy of a Photo: Paolo Shoots to Kill

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I remember two principle things from the 2007 Men’s Elite Road Race.  First, my favorite rider at the time, Danilo Di Luca, was barred from starting due to his implication in the Oil for Drugs doping investigation.  Second, there was a controversy over the fact that Paolo Bettini had refused to sign the UCI’s Code…

Making of a COTHO; Photo Graham Watson

Six Days Of The Worlds – Pharmacology

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Americans, I think, generally feel they play just on the far side of the boundaries; that perhaps history doesn’t apply to us. We are quick to forget the past and our sights are always focused away from today and towards tomorrow. We are a country who feels it deserves it’s place in the World Order…


Six Days Of The Worlds – Defining Moments: Oscar Freire 1999

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Verona, Italy, 1999. You’re 259 kms into the World Championship Road Race, and you find yourself in a select group of nine riders. You look around and see you are surrounded by a veritable who’s who of the pro peloton.  Ullrich, Vandenbroucke, Zberg, Konyshev, Casagrande, Camenzind.  “Do these guys even know who I am, or…

Marianne Vos wins in Salzburg 2006

Six Days Of… The Worlds

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We love our niche categories here at Velominati. Titles such as Reverence, Evanescent Riders, Defining Moments and Anatomy Of A Photo give us the impetus to bring you some entertainment when we may be somewhat low on inspiration, you might say. And if a sub-category can supply us with one article idea, then why not…

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