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Decisions, Decisions

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I am facing a major problem; one not easily solved.  One of our principal Keepers – Brett – had made mention of the most important element of cycling: the Rules.  While the Rules are ambiguous, they are also very clear.  Not so much “clear” in the sense that any of us really know what they…


Can’t touch this…

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When I went to bed last night, I thought about the World Road Race Championships, and whose name I would be reading this morning as the new wearer of the rainbow stripes. Even though I thought of this name, I didn’t really expect to see it at the very top of the tree. But when…


TT Toledo

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Coming to you live from stage 20 of the Vuelta, and reporting whilst still marginally sober. Racers are coming in fast on the 30+ min time trial, with several overlapping at the finish. We’re parked at a beer garden along the last little stretch, having run the last 10 km of the course earlier this…


Framebuilding: Subcontractors and Big Names

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I’ve made mention before of Rouleur magazine and their amazing, in-depth articles.  In one of the past issues, they had a wonderful piece on frame building  in the eighties and nineties describing how many of the big names sourced the building of frames – especially custom frames – to subcontractors.   The article focused on one…

Hands up, who'd like a white coat?

There’s a couple of ‘roos loose in the top paddock…

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What’s going on in Cadel’s head?  Maybe the intense heat of Spain has melted his synapses, which were already near breaking point, or perhaps it’s just the realisation that he is never going to win a Grand Tour of any kind, not even the third-tier race he’s currently gracing with his comedic ramblings. His latest routine…

Lance Armstrong wins a Tour de France stage in 1993

Championship Jerseys and the Rainbow Turd

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Mario Cipollini, if nothing else, did one crucial thing for cycling.  For better or worse, he turned cycling into a Business.  His business sense was light years ahead of the pro cycling culture.  He recognized that, by being both a dedicated professional a narcissist, you could make enourmous amounts of money – not only for…


Fixie Challenge: Matching Aptitude to Confidence

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I think it goes without saying that riding a fixie properly takes quite a bit of skill and finesse; the pedals being directly connected to the rear axle demands a fluid pedaling technique when riding at speed, not to mention the skill required to stop (quickly) without brakes.  The issue I have with the fixie…


Project Zero: Zip Rebuild

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Phase I of Project Zero is complete. Stock, the Zip wasn't a bike that i was going to be able to ride. First of all, I'm too tall for the 270mm Ritchey seatpost, and the stem was too short. Also, while I love the approach Bridgestone took to designing their bikes, I have to say…


On Location: Performance

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I posted SpandX’s excellent and funny cycling-centric music video for “Performance” here the other day.  Watching it again recently, I noticed the that the character riding the fixie, whose name I assume is Fred, is doing a trackstand in front of popular Portland coffee roaster, Stumptown, as you can see in the shot below: That…

Middle Fork Taneum River

Middle Fork Taneum River

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Last weekend, Michelle and I drove out over the Cascades and into the arid region on the other side of the pass.  It’s amazing the way the mountains hold the moisture on the Pacific side of the range; driving up through the rain forest to crest into the East Cascades is an amazing experience.  As…

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