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The Athlete’s Superstition

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The mind’s influence over the athlete is considerable; particularly in a sport as difficult as cycling. A strong mind can push its body well past its limitations and into the realm of the supernatural; forcing the legs to continue giving more despite each of the million muscle fibers screaming in unified agony. You could say the…

We've been Buysse preparing new features

Announcing New V-Features: The Works and The Bikes

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We’ve been busy little bees over here at Velominati.  While you may not have been seeing much “evidence” of actual “activity” on our end, we’ve been hard at work adding a few new features that the community has been asking for: The Works and The Bikes. The Works is a place where we’ll be organizing…

Gianni's Campag DT Shifter adorns my keychain as a constant reminder of the sport and it's history

Deference: Gianni’s Campagnolo Down Tube Shifter

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It is dark now when I rise.  It is dark when I return home from the office.  Leaves crunch under the soles of my shoes as I walk in the city. The rides that once occupied a devoted period of each day have now become stolen indulgences of either serendipity or careful planning. The rain…


Anatomy of a Photo: I Will Eat You Where You Stand.

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If ever there was a photo that illustrated why anyone would be given the monicker, “The Canibal”, this is it. I devoted a full seventeen seconds to ‘finding out the history’ of this picture, and came up empty.  G’Phant sent this my way with a short but clear note, “This photo looks like it was taken…

Since I was unable to get my iphone out of my bag fast enough, here is a stock image from

La Vie Northwest: socks, sandals, and snow

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It’s snowing today in Seattle, which a full 78% of the population is not able to deal with, even though it happens every year. I rode in, as always (I commute, therefore I am) and on my way I passed a fellow cyclist in sandals and wool socks.  At least they were spd sandals.  Merckx…

Obree in the initial stages of innovation. Photo via

Breaking the Rules: Graeme Obree

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I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Innovation is ugly, inelegant. By it’s very definition, it is carried out with almost a kind of contempt for The Rules. With no regard for aesthetics, it is a domain ventured into by the casually courageous and mentally frail. It comes in fits and starts,…

Not quite enough room for their bikes

Anatomy of a Photo: Gilberto e Damiano dentro Laghetto

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It is easy to imagine photo ops and advertisements that the pros obligate themselves to for sponsors becoming tedious. Angles that sound good during an off-season drunken phone conversation are often just awkward when operationalized at the season’s first training camp and new sponsor meeting. I can’t imagine anything more emasculating than being constipated in addition to having…

The Tobinator

Velominati Interview: Garmin’s Toby Watson

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One of the great pleasures that comes from not belonging to the Press or any other credible or otherwise trustworthy source of information is that we have the privilege of being little more than fans or enthusiasts, along with all the biases and prejudices that come with that. We leave being fair and balanced to those who actually do…

Aside from a possible Three-Point System violation, 100% Rule Compliant

Transcending the Rules: Group Ride with T-Bone

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The question has been raised a number of times and the answer has always been vague: do the pros set The Rules, do they Obey them, or are they beyond them? As with everything philosophical, the answer is open to interpretation and difficult to identify. The Rules are about history, culture, etiquette, class, and style. That necessarily…

Yeah, it rocks

Il Progetto e Finito

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While I've been riding Il Progetto Originale for a month or so now, the finishing touches were still being waited on, either being sought out from bargains online, or finding just the right new old stock to give the old girl just the right blend of old and new. After a long couple of weeks,…

The Three-Point System in full effect

Look Pro, Part I: Three-Point System

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Aesthetics have always played a major role in my quest to become a better athlete. On the surface, this may seem a ridiculously vain assertion, but for me, the reality is that looking like a pro makes me feel like a pro, and when I feel like a pro, I’m motivated to ride like a…


Guest Article: Spinacis

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While we generally try to space out our guest pieces by a few weeks at least, we simply couldn’t resist the temptation to chuck this one up right on the heels of Oli Brooke-White’s post on Spinaci’s.  After all, this is probably the second time in the Velominati’s history that a direct reference has been…

Simplicity is its middle name.

Reverence: Lezyne Rule 31 Sack

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Rule #31 was conceived out of necessity, aesthetics and plain good taste.  Seeing an oversized saddle bag hanging limply by velcro under a Flite, Arione or Regal just isn’t right.  Frame pumps, while they undoubtedly do the finest job of inflating a tube, add nothing but bulk and clutter to the lines of a frame (and…

The gleaming bunch in the Coors Classic

In Memoriam: Gleaming Metal Bits

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I posted this picture as a joke in yesterday’s Anatomy of a Photo piece, but I find myself going back to it over and over, captivated by the way the light gleams off the peloton as they race by. Gleaming metal bits – hubs, cranks, spokes, handlebars, stems, frames, toe clips, all reflecting light from a thousand…


Anatomy of a Photo: Cycling-Specific Eyewear

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Don’t be distracted by the sweatband or the lame Bolle sunglasses; this man is a stud.  He came from a different time, a time when suffering was a more visceral experience than it is these days. It permeated everything a professional rider did.  The bike were heavier, the equipment less efficient, the travel to races more grueling,…


Guest Article: Velominatus Budgetatus

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The Velominati are proud to present the following guest article by our community member Cyclops. As if we needed more convincing, Cyclops has once again proven that a Velominatus has a tendency to be a bit out of dish when it comes to making budgeting decisions. In this particular tale, Cyclops takes us through the…

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