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Didi Thurau, front and center

Son of a Gun

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I have gone off before about choosing your parents wisely. I wish I had been paying more attention as a youth when those options were discussed. When I saw Bjorn Thurau in the break in Amstel Gold I thought, damn, that kid is tall, he is like mini-Phinney. He is in more ways that one;…

2014, Amstel Gold Race, Gilbert Philippe, Valkenburg (pic: ©Sirotti)

Velominati Super Prestige: Amstel Gold 2016

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Ooooof! The VSP generator and operators need more than a week to recover from that race. Tommeke may never recover, that chance will never come again. We now move into the Netherlands and the first of three Ardennes races. Whomever did well in Paris-Roubaix probably won’t like all the hills in Amstel. Same with the…

TV Time    image:

How To Watch Paris-Roubaix

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In order of preference: Hang out with William and Alex of Pavé Cycling Classics. You will see the race at three different locations, all the while portaging coolers of Malteni beer and baguette sandwiches. The final location will be Carrefour de L’Arbre where the shit will hit the fan and the final can be watched…

Parijs-Tours: foto Cor Vos ©2000
Boonen Espoirs

Awesome Dutch Nerds

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Finally the Dutch are showing their true potential. No one is going to read the Friday-before-De-Ronde post unless it is an exclusive interview with Tommeke and he is not answering our IMs. Four years ago at KT2012 we were there when Boonen took Ballan and Pozzato to the line. Who would have bet against him…

The bicycle of Gert Steegmans in the 2015 Ghent-Wevelgem

Velominati Super Prestige: Gent – Wevelgem 2016

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Deinze – Wevelgem really but Gent sounds correct, like Het Volk. Last year’s windy wet edition was a pretty awesome race except Luca Paolini won it wearing tights (FFS!?) and maybe high on Italian marching powder. Riders were leaning into the wind and being blown off the road. It was awesome to watch maybe not…

The boys discussing #43.

Rule #43

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I wonder if Rule #43 should be sublimated on our bibs too. It might be my most favorite Rule. Don’t be a jackass. But if you absolutely must be a jackass, be a funny jackass. Always remember, we’re all brothers and sisters on the road. As a Keeper on the Velominati site, it irritates me…

Look good to feel good.

Rule #33 Dilemmas

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As I write this, Rule #33 is being hammered on over in The Rules. This is a hell of a Rule, demanding legs be kept shaven at all times. I believe for most Velominati “at all times” is a tough ask. No one is saying you have to shave the guns everyday, unless you have…

Reason #1

An Argument About Gloves

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Points-of-contact, these are three areas of scrutiny and argument for Velominati; saddles, chamois creme, shoes, socks, handlebar tape so why not gloves? Picking grit out of your palms is bad. Yes, it is very bad. The fear of this might be the number one reason people get into the habit of wearing gloves, and it…


The Moser Position

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For my money, the best slice of cycling video ever is Francesco Moser, appearing out of the dust, in the 1976 Paris-Roubaix. He blasts by the moto camera on the right, on a mission to get up to the front. Something about him appearing, then almost disappearing down the road. What was that? And there…

Is that a little flint in there?

The Wipe Down

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Frank’s maddening post about doing things because, well, because that’s the way to do things made me question some of my own questionable cycling behavior. My sensi taught me to clean off my tires immediately after riding over something that might cause a puncture. This was done while riding, finger tips floating over the tread…

Greg's cap looks familiar.  Available 2016!

The 2016 VVish List

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We made it to the new year! Bicycles have not been outlawed so things are looking up. Yet, the state of Cycling could always be much better and here are a few hopes. Women’s Cycling- If anyone is racing on passion alone it’s women cyclists. God knows they are not doing it for the money…

Oh Jaja, why so French? photo: Eric Houdas

In Memoriam: The Headband

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Like the Spinaci bars, the headband was cool, effective and disappeared quickly. While the Spinaci was outlawed by the UCI for being too radical, the headband couldn’t co-exist* with the newly arriving hard-shell helmet and it said arrivederci, I’ve heard something about this ‘step aerobics’, I’ll go there. Headband crossed national boundaries: Jean-François Bernard, Roberto…

Mr Strack, Mr Merckx and The Rules

How Did We Get to Here?

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How did we get to here? Here is Frank, the founder of Velominati, standing next to Eddy Merckx. Eddy is looking at The Rules, in Rouleur’s book-zine format. Frank is in his best button down sweater, trying to keep his shit together. And it is not easy for him to do this as Rouleur has…

Your partner's better be better.   photo: Eroica Cicli

Rule #12: The Fine Print

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Rule #12. Someone was working overtime to come up with this beauty. One should always be dreaming about the next bike unless the next bike means divorce, restraining orders and/or living in a van down by the river. Velominati need and enjoy having some limits set as were are prone to excess in all things.…

You are already beaten.

Anatomy of a Photo: Elvis of the bike

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How is it that the greatest cyclist would be so handsome? When the stars lined up with Mr Merckx, they all lined up. Cycling does seem to produce a lot of handsome athletes but really Eddy, didn’t you already have it all? He was already the most driven, most meticulous, the hardest and the fastest.…

The Perfect Tool

Reverence: Chris King Espresso Tamper

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Even if you don’t own an espresso machine, you might want to own one of these. It’s art. It’s form and function in a seamless little object. If you do own an espresso machine and you call yourself a Cyclist, you will be very happy if you do own one. This tool is reason enough…

Paris-Tours  - Tommy V, merde alors, I did not win.

Velominati Super Prestige: Paris-Tours 2015

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Paris-Tours, it’s almost the end of the road for the V-VSP. The great smoggy race in China has been switched to the Middle-East? I’m not sure that is an improvement but as usual, we were not consulted. Race where the money is. Every year I bring up Richard Virenque winning this race. I disliked his…

Yes and yes  @photos:Tim de Waele/Corbis and CyclingWeekly

Anatomy of a Photos: This Is How It’s Done

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Before we move on to the last Monument of the season, let’s reflect on what happened in Richmond. My deeply held fears of the American organizers making a mess of things were unrealized. The two cobbled climbs were spectacles and the resulting road races were pretty damn fine. Personally, I don’t think the Worlds should…


Team USA: Doomed From The Start

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The Road Cycling World Championships are on our doorstep. The USA is hosting, which makes me nervous immediately. How can we fuck this up? Ask Taylor Phinney for starters. This event has not been hosted by the USA since Moreno Argentin won in Colorado almost thirty years ago. We just don’t have the experience to…

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