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Rule #12 and the Cascade Effect

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That is a very reasonable opening salvo for the Rule about bike ownership. Three is good and certainly a minimum, and we are talking road bikes here, if there was any doubt. They naturally become ordered: the #1 is ichi-ban, top dog, go-to bike for every and all rides. #2 was the old #1, it…

The V in Italy.

Strangers in Paradise- CycleVentoux to The Rescue

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Living in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and getting to Italy is not a quick or easy trip. Who’s going to keep the beasts alive? Are we fit enough? Do we bring our bikes? What is the least painful way to get there, in coach? This can go on and on, depending on the…

A Dutch rider chases an escape in the 2015 Women's  Worlds.  photo by Graham Watson

Velominati Super Prestige: VVomen’s World Road Race 2016

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I cannot get excited about a world championship road race on a flat course. I get it, the sprinters need their moment too, but really, the desert, where most people would not know who Beryl Burton was…correction, where nobody knows who Beryl Burton was. Yeah, yeah, they have tons of money and would like their…

Rule #82 problem

Awesome Danish Guys: Brian Holm

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Or as Bob Roll keeps calling him Bri-ann Holm?! I have three reasons right off the top of my head as to why Bri-ann Holm is a badass. The first is he offered to cut off Dan Martin’s ears if he didn’t finish in the top ten of this year’s Tour de France. Martin finished…

credit: Cyclingnews

Dialing in the Stable

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This was going to be an article about Rule #45. It is amazing how much time is wasted and matches burned when professionals stop for that second bike change to get back on their #1. With all the jigs available to team mechanics it would seem they could set up five bikes exactly the same.…

Go Rafal go

Non-Grimpeur’s Revenge

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It’s a little late to be writing about the road races in Rio…but gawd damn, they were both so good that I can’t help it. Chapeau to the designer of the course, especially the finale. A very tough climb followed by an equally tough descent followed by an utterly flat but long run-in to the…

match 'em up!

Matching the drapes to the rug

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As a longtime titanium bike owner, I’ve always been jealous of a beautiful painted frame but Ti and carbon frames don’t need paint like a steel frame needs paint. But I want some painted beauty. It’s like buying a white car; I can’t do white, need some color. So between a Ti frame and a…

Julian A and Tony M off the front. photo credit AFP

Tough Boys

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Forget the skinny climbers for a moment. Let’s talk about these two on Stage 16 and appreciate just why they are the professionals and we are not. Young Alaphilippe has already proven himself to be a monster in his Tour debut. If not for a jammed chain on the final descent of stage 15 he…

Spiderman   photo: G. Watson

Spiderman and His Climbing Monkey

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How can anyone be such a great cyclist and look so ungainly on a bike? Does this not violate a basic tenet of V-philosophy? Would he not be faster if his knees and elbows were tucked in neatly, aligned with his forward motion? On riding style alone Quintana has a huge edge, he just looks…

Our Man, Sean Yates

The Works: It’s All About The Bike, Sean Yates

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It’s been awhile since a book has been reviewed on Velominati. Who has time to read books? I needed some background on Sean Yates and was surprised to know he had written an autobiography back in 2013. This book is a real beauty. The book is stitched together with his own accounts of life and…

 Switzerland's Gotthard Pass

Velominati Super Prestige: Tour de Suisse 2016

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We are opening the rolling metal door to the VSP generator and warming it up for this weekend’s start of the Tour de Suisse. As usual, the big hitters of the Tour are riding the Dauphine; I should be more excited about that race but, yawn, not so much. The Swiss tour is longer, more…

Hmmmmm?    photo: @fat cyclist

When the Wheels Come Off

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This is perhaps painfully obvious to everyone but me and if so, sorry I’ve yet again wasted  your time. The other day, after falling off another floating board in the ocean I had to admit my balance might suck. And my coordination too or I might have been good enough at baseball to actually like…

Photo: Jim Fryer / BrakeThrough Media |

FFS Friday: Rule #95 Violations

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This festering blight on the Cycling landscape seemed to start with cross-country mountain bikers, who often finish their race alone and have time to stop at the finish line, look around to see if there are any spectators in attendance, then bend over like a shaved praying mantis to struggle with the 7 kilogram heft…

Didi Thurau, front and center

Son of a Gun

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I have gone off before about choosing your parents wisely. I wish I had been paying more attention as a youth when those options were discussed. When I saw Bjorn Thurau in the break in Amstel Gold I thought, damn, that kid is tall, he is like mini-Phinney. He is in more ways that one;…

2014, Amstel Gold Race, Gilbert Philippe, Valkenburg (pic: ©Sirotti)

Velominati Super Prestige: Amstel Gold 2016

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Ooooof! The VSP generator and operators need more than a week to recover from that race. Tommeke may never recover, that chance will never come again. We now move into the Netherlands and the first of three Ardennes races. Whomever did well in Paris-Roubaix probably won’t like all the hills in Amstel. Same with the…

TV Time    image:

How To Watch Paris-Roubaix

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In order of preference: Hang out with William and Alex of Pavé Cycling Classics. You will see the race at three different locations, all the while portaging coolers of Malteni beer and baguette sandwiches. The final location will be Carrefour de L’Arbre where the shit will hit the fan and the final can be watched…

Parijs-Tours: foto Cor Vos ©2000
Boonen Espoirs

Awesome Dutch Nerds

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Finally the Dutch are showing their true potential. No one is going to read the Friday-before-De-Ronde post unless it is an exclusive interview with Tommeke and he is not answering our IMs. Four years ago at KT2012 we were there when Boonen took Ballan and Pozzato to the line. Who would have bet against him…

The bicycle of Gert Steegmans in the 2015 Ghent-Wevelgem

Velominati Super Prestige: Gent – Wevelgem 2016

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Deinze – Wevelgem really but Gent sounds correct, like Het Volk. Last year’s windy wet edition was a pretty awesome race except Luca Paolini won it wearing tights (FFS!?) and maybe high on Italian marching powder. Riders were leaning into the wind and being blown off the road. It was awesome to watch maybe not…

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