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Butter your chain with Dumonde Tech

Reverence: Dumonde Tech BCL

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We met by chance, or so it seems. I suppose there really is no such thing as “chance”. I was ready for it, and it was there. I wasn’t really looking but, you see, it had been a while since I’d been happy.  I’d even strayed about some, trying a bit of this and a bit…

Axis of awesome

Reverence: Ritchey WCS 4 Axis stems

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Maybe it’s my mountain bike background.  It could be the brand’s long association with Thomas Frischknecht, one of my all-time favourite riders.  It’s more likely that they are light, look great and don’t cost the earth.  Whatever the reason, there’s something about Ritchey 4 Axis stems that just does it for me when it comes…

Eyewear-compatibible helmet vents: perhaps one of the greatest bicycle breakthroughs

Reverence: Helmet Vents

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Helmets became mandatory in professional road racing in 2003, following the tragic death of Andei Kivilev from head injuries sustained in a fall during Paris-Nice.  With the adoption of that regulation died one of the most iconic images of professional cycling: the racer riding over the high mountain passes of Europe with their eyewear perched…

The irreplaceable multi-colored 3M Electrical tape.

Reverence: 3M Electrical Tape

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One of the most cherished bits in my toolbox are the four rolls of 3M Electrical Tape: red, green, white, and black. In the past, I've used off-brands, but those appear to use an adhesive that leaves a gooey residue and the tape itself seems to shrink (especially in heat) as it sits in it's…

Jan Jansen, a master of the double-shift.

Reverence: The Double Shift

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There was a time when shifting was an art. Friction down-tube shifters required a finess and a light touch of the fingers; a slight overshift to pop the chain onto the cog, and then ease the shifter forward to rest the chain perfectly in its place. Over time, and with the advancement of technology, the…

photo 2

Reverence: Baxter Aftershave

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Baxter Aftershave is one of the most important cremes I have in my arsenal, aside from the testosterone rub, the alcohol swabs I use before injecting my EPO, and Butt Butter or whatever my chamois creme is called. At $15 a pop, it’s not particularly cheap, but the addition of moisturizers and antiseptic keep irritation at…

The saviour of many a skinned knuckle

Reverence: Mavic tyre levers

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Every mechanic has encountered a tyre/rim combination that has just been a real pain in the ass to work with. Remembering back to my early days in the shop, struggling to wrangle a particularly stubborn wire bead tyre off a wheel, my lack of experience and no doubt ham-fisted approach saw me snapping the ends…


Cult of the Bean

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The aroma. The taste. The ritual of the preparation, and the anticipation. It’s more than just a drink. Coffee is an integral part of cycling and cyclists lifestyles. But, like Campa versus Shimano, or white socks versus black, the way we imbibe the magic bean can be just as polarising. We received an email from…


Reverence: Tan lines

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Tan lines are to the Velominatus what a drug overdose is to a rock star, or a Victoria Cross is to a returned serviceman. It's a badge of honour, and while neither of those comparisons are glorious in their deployment, the reward, or possibly even notoriety, is somehow noble. You've gotta earn your stripes, right?…

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