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Theory of Bike Fitting: Tall Riders Walk Their Own Path

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Fitting yourself to your bike properly and being comfortable while riding is probably the most important aspect of cycling. It doesn’t matter if you’re riding the Worlds Lightest Bike or your Clunker Rain Bike/commuter; if you feel good on your bike, it will be a pleasure to ride. My 10 kilo, 8-Speed Shimano 105, fender…


Lost Art: Mashing a Giant Gear

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Cycling enthusiasts used to mash a giant gear for one, simple reason: it looked super cool.  Do you want to ride like Lucho Herrera who is always falling off his bike or Eddy Merckx who is always winning races? Even as recently as the 90’s it was a common sight to see the pros riding…


No Braking Allowed

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Jens Voigt can always be relied on for entertaining comments to the press.  One of my favorite quotes of his was during an interview discussing the role that a rider’s mind plays during a race: When you go hard, your body says, ‘STOP!’ and your mind says, ‘BODY, SHUT UP!’ And, sometimes it works!  And then…