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Two douchebags and a A. Grimpeur rocket up the Ventoux in 2009

Velominati Super Prestige: Tour de France

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The inaugural Velominati Super Prestige continues the with Tour de France edition, on Saturday July 3rd in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, just kilometers from the start of the Giro d’Italia in Amsterdam (Dutchland is a small country). This will be the second Grand Tour of the series, and at this stage the Grand Tour rules and regulations are…

One of the switchbacks on the Cooke City side of the pass

Tales of a Cyclotourist: Beartooth Hwy

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It's been called the most beautiful highway in the world. That, as with most things, can be left to debate. What's not debatable, however, is that the Beartooth Highway, which runs from Red Lodge Montana to Cooke City Montana via Wyoming, is a great place to ride a bike. I had the opportunity to ride…

One of the catalysts for the rules, circa 2004

The Col-onisation of THE RULES

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There has been unprecedented and unexpected interest and discussion on this blog since the first mention of ‘The Rules’.  From that very first post, a name that has been oft-mentioned is that of the mysterious Johnny Klink.  A good mate of mine since the late 90s when we first met in some random shop, we…

How many iterations did it take to get this right?

Breaking the Rules: Thumb-Hard; Finger-Easy

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The Rules are a living thing; a set of truths that have been captured but which do not represent a comprehensive record.  They speak to whole larger than any of us and thus will never be complete. Indeed, we will always need to read between the lines of – to feel – The Rules in our pursuit…

The other Mr. 60  photo: Sirotti

Evanescent riders of the 90s: Piotr Ugrumov

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To describe Piotr Ugrumov's professional career as fleeting may be a tad on the unfair side. While he enjoyed a good deal of success in his early years, he also seemed to burst onto the bigger stage of the Giro and Tour from relative obscurity, at least to this observer. Looking back through his results…

The saviour of many a skinned knuckle

Reverence: Mavic tyre levers

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Every mechanic has encountered a tyre/rim combination that has just been a real pain in the ass to work with. Remembering back to my early days in the shop, struggling to wrangle a particularly stubborn wire bead tyre off a wheel, my lack of experience and no doubt ham-fisted approach saw me snapping the ends…

The clouds of a marine layer.

The Marine Layer

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Summer has been really slow to come to Seattle this year.  I suppose that’s what comes with living in a coastal region, especially one with a convergence zone like Puget Sound has. As summer approaches, so does the Marine layer.  Marine layers are actually a good thing for the world and serve an important purpose. Particularly if you happen…

The bunch grinds up Chilkoot Hill in Stillwater, MN; Photo: Podium Cafe

Nature Valley Grand Prix, Rule 5-Style

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I was raised in St. Paul, Minnesota at a time when the only cycling fame the area could lay claim to was that Greg LeMan lived in the area during the winters (I crossed paths with him many times skiing on the Birkebeiner trail, which was always pretty cool).  As far as professional bike racing…


Jaw Dropper: Velominati Jawbones

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I’m the first to admit that we are probably over doing it on the Velominati Kit article thing. That being said, I simply have to put one more out there, which will double more-or-less as a product review. I previously wrote a piece on Radars and Jawbones wherein I asserted that Oakley Radars are the…

AP Photo/Keystone/Karl Mathis

Velominati Super Prestige: Tour de Suisse

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The inaugural Velominati Super Prestige makes an unscheduled stop this week at the Tour de Suisse.  Originally left off the VSP roster, it was decided among the Keepers that the ‘fourth Grand Tour’ is indeed worthy of inclusion in our humble tipping competition. As one of the final hit-outs for many Tour de France contenders, the…

A Velominatus' labor of love: working on a bike

Le Mecanicien

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Each of us remembers how they became a Velominatus. For me, it was at Grimpeur Wielersport, in Zevenaar, The Netherlands. Its the perfect place: a small shop, on a small street, in a small town, in a small country, run by a Giant of the Sport, Herman van Meegen. I haven’t been back in years,…

Sean Kelly -1988       photo:Barry Sandland

Anatomy of a photo: Sean Kelly 1988

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This photographer knew the picture that people would remember and that would shine a light into Sean Kelly’s character wasn’t of his face; the story is all below. These are legs only a cyclist could love. In 1988 these legs won Paris-Nice for the seventh time, Gent-Wevelgem and his only Grand Tour Victory, the Vuelta…

Photo: VeloPress

r-EPO Man

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It’s always a let down for a fan to realise his or her idol is not all that they were held up to be. And while I was somewhat a fan of Marco Pantani, it was neither a surprise nor a let-down to read about his troubled life, and his subsequent sad, lonely death. It…

Mesabi Trail

Let Me Have It, I Enjoyed a Trail Ride.

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The Velominatus’ domain is the road. The road is where we practice and hone our craft, work through the agony, and search for the ecstacy of riding. Paved trails are the domain of the family, casual rider, greenway commuter, and rollerblader. The only trails I’ve ever really ridden were those linking my old neighborhood to…

Climbing high on Hurricane Ridge

Flying the Velominati Kit on Hurricane Ridge

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As you know, the first shipment of the Velominati kit arrived last week and the reception has been universally enthusiastic by the recipients (with the exception of Brett, who loves the look but is at least two months from peaking and too fat to climb). Some of the most well-received details are the orange DutchMonkey cuffs on the sleeves…

A.C. - Photo: Ian Langsdon/EPA

The A.C. Enigma

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With the Spring Classics now turning to debates over motorized doping and the hardman’s GT over, perhaps it’s time to start turning our gaze toward the Tour de France. Sure, there’s some sure-to-be good racing between now and then, but who cares? The TdF is next up on the VSP and we here at Velominati…

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