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The Grimplette drops his sword; the worst moment of the year.

Anti-V Moment of the Year: Chaingate

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It is a telling sign of the state of our sport that picking the Anit-V moment of the year was a more difficult task than picking the V Ride of the Year. Best ride of the year? Clean, unanimous vote among The Keepers on that one. Low point of the year? Dissention in the ranks…

100% V.  Photo: Roberto Bettini

V Ride of the Year: Strada Bianca

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We are not hard. We may espouse the values of the mythical hardman, but we are merely pretenders to the throne of the Kings of V. While it is ok to talk about hardness, suffering and toil on the bike, when it really comes down to it we are mere mortals who would rather be…

These are made by Swix but there are others

Reverence: Lobster Claw Gloves

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Our Antipodean readers may want to skip this article and come back to it in June as the Austral winter begins.  Anybody reading in the northeastern states may want to get down to their closest bike or ski shop stat.  But regardless of where you are on the globe, if you ride in, let’s say,…

Passo San Boldo

A Climb to Love: Passo San Boldo

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Passo San Boldo lies in the northern reaches of the Italian Alps, and was a walking path until World War I, when the Austrians realized that traffic accidents were a less conscience-laden approach to controlling population growth than chucking mortars across a border at people who drink different alcohol than they do.  Access to the steep,…

Merckxy Christmas from all of us at Velominati

We Wish You a Merckxy Christmas

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From everyone here at Velominati, we wish you a very Happy Holidays, and temporarily suspend Rule 11 for December 24 and 25.  Cheers, and thanks for being part of our little community. Merckxy Christmas to all, and to all a good ride.

The Sigma 1100

Reverence: Sigma 1100

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Simplicity.  There is little in this world that I find more exciting than a complicated problem solved by a simple, elegant solution. Focusing on simplicity is particularly useful when weighing intricate competing facts because it allows you to say, “None of those complicated factors are likely to work out in my favor, so I'll ignore them and…

Awesome enough for Briko Shots

We Were Young and Totally Rad

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It's been an interesting week in the Velominati Archives of Awesomeness, after a freak discovery of boxes containing “photographs”. After conducting some research, we've come to understand that “photographs” are like pictures, except they are stored neither on the Geekbox nor on the Interwebs, but instead reside on a special kind of shiny paper that…

The numbers game just changed

Technology Simplified: The V-Meter.

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Training Properly clearly isn’t everyone’s bag, baby.  Heart rate, power, cadence; it’s all bollocks if you are being told to hold back, or are put into a place where you don’t want/aren’t supposed to be.  If it hurts, and you’re flying, it’s working.  If it hurts, and you’re crawling, it’s not working.  No amount of…

This is more like it

Anatomy of a Photo: Greg LeMan

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Is it the shades? The W.C. Jersey? The Z kit? The d.t. shifters? Talk amongst yourselves. I just had to get a pic up that’s worthy of this site. Thank me now.


Anatomy of a Photo: Chuck a Dead Animal Over Your Shoulder

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Let me open this by stating that I firmly believe that Animals should be treated with dignity and respect, and should be given the right to live a wholesome and fulfilling life. Chickens should be allowed to preen and pluck proudly; cows the right to socialize as amicably as cows can, and pigs should be allowed to…

Putting the V in Diva

Riders who put the “V” in Diva: Federico Bahamontes

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Cyclists can be a twitchy lot.  Able to both endure and dish out pain for weeks on end in a grand tour takes considerable fortitude, or what we call The V.  The cyclist must know their body and measure out its effort carefully.  The pros we look to as the Giants of the Road, the…


Guest Article: Twelve Months

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Jarvis has been with us for most of the last year, and throughout has dropped hints about a back injury that not only kept him off his bike, but laying flat on his back in the floor. On the anniversary of the accident that caused the injury and as we start to look towards and…

Bobet_02 (1)

Look Pro, Part II: Casually Deliberate

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Looking Pro is a delicate art rife with paradox and enigma. Aesthetics in a sport as difficult as cycling is itself a contradiction; surely anything wrought with such suffering should be driven by function and function alone. Yet cyclists are both some of the hardest people in sport and the most vain. For a cyclist…


Gelukkig Sinterklaas

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Today is a pretty important day in the Netherlands (and Belgium). It’s the day we pull rank on those who only celebrate Christmas. While the rest of the world awaits December 25th for Santa to deliver a new bike, for the Dutch December 5th is the eve of Sinterklaas, or “Loot Day”, as I like…

Buying jet-fuel in the Five and Dime

Anatomy of a Photo: Evanescent Riders of the 90s

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I can’t decide if Tony Rominger was an Evanescent Rider or not. After all, his wins range from 1988 all the way to 1996, which technically means the word “evanescent” doesn’t seem to fit. That said, after a successful streak in the Vuelta, he suddenly discovered a “cure” for his allergies which previously kept him…

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