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John Andrews, Author and Community Relations Manager

Gianni bought a champagne gold Peugeot with sew-up tires in 1976. That was the beginning of the Troubles. Think Magnus Backstead without the big engine or rugged Swedish good looks. He has a small altar in his crawlspace containing smaller photos of Francesco Moser, Eros Poli and Gianni Bugno.

Rule#74 Conundrum

by Gianni / Jun 25 2014 / 58 posts


Walk Don’t Run

by Gianni / Jun 6 2014 / 58 posts


Maglia Nera

by Gianni / May 21 2014 / 56 posts

Here are a few lessons learned while in New York City. I’m sure leaving a bar at one o’clock in the morning is not how the serious riders prepare for a ride with a 9 o’clock morning roll-out. I am sure. Conversational pace for a group ride means different things to different people. Eddy could talk your ear off at 40kph. Lezyne mini-pump owne...