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Periodic Table of Professional Cycling

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I suppose cycling has always been flush with enthusiasts such as us, The Keepers, and readers such as yourselves.  One of the greatest things about the web is that it lets us, the irrationally-impassioned, freely speak our voice should we want to, and freely share our ideas and work with others.   This blog, for example,…


Il Pirata’s 1998 Bianchi: The Elusive Stallion

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In 1998, Marco Pantani staged one of the most prestigious coups of cycling by winning the Giro-Tour double.  He made this run aboard what I believe to be the most beautiful bike in history, a Celeste steed with a yellow section of frame starting at the seat collar and spreading out down the tops of…


Rouleur, Issue 15

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Issue 15 just arrived on my doorstop, and it is especially good and is going to take a good long time to work through all the way to the back cover. But I can tell you about the beginning, which was particularly captivating. It started with a great piece on Jeremy Hunt (written by Domestique/Journalist…

The hardmen of the 1970 Paris-Roubaix

Badass by Association: Winter Riding

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To me, there is nothing cooler than riding in awful weather.  It automatically associates you with the Spring Classics, held in wet, wind, and rain, over the the worst roads you can imagine.  There is no image of cycling that I love more than of a tough Belgian Pro dressed in knickers, arm warmers, cycling…


Johnny T and The Lung

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Things were always better in “the good old days”. That’s what my mate Johnny Klink always says, especially when we’re talking about mountain biking (which is 99% of our conversations). We were turned on to the sport around the same time in the early 90’s, and even though we didn’t meet until the latter part…


La Volupte: I Was Flying Today

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About a year and a half ago, as I was just starting to get really serious about cycling again after dabbling for about a decade, Michelle bought me every past issue of Rouleur and got me a two-year subscription.  This is not a bike magazine.  This is a quarterly publication for cyclists.  It is printed…


Stuff it

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I spent Memorial Day weekend in Boise, and on the actual holiday I headed out for a big ride with my brother-in-law. We started at 2800″² elevation, and ended up at the local ski area, Bogus Basin- where the parking lot is a mean 6200″². It was a great ride, until the skies opened up…