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Even the box exudes class

Reverence: Cinelli Forged Quill Stems

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Reading articles and viewing accompanying images here you'll notice a common piece of equipment on a large number of the classic riders' bikes. The Cinelli forged quill stem. Cinelli must have had one hell of a business model going in the 60's, 70's, and 80's because it seems their stems and bars were the must…

Sean Yates.   Photo: Graham Watson

Anatomy of a Photo: Milan-San Remo 1983

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It is said that this race is one of the easiest to finish but hardest to win. Really, it is the easiest to finish? I’ve driven from San Remo to Milan and it takes hours and hours, even at Italian highway speeds.  I’m amazed this race usually ends up in a field sprint, somehow big…

Maiden voyage of the Rotundas

Ride Report: Bar-o-Phelia Operationalized

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As described in Bar-o-Phelia, my bar obsession festered and grew over a period of a few years, and then was spurred into action by a combination of me straight-lining it right past the zone psychologists refer to as “self-control”, and not having any adult supervisors present who would normally have sounded the “voice of reason”. (My Velomihottie…


Velominati Challenge: Name that Climb

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As cyclists, our legs bristle with anticipation at the sight of a hairpin turn.  Stitch a series of them together in close succession, and we lose the ability to speak in complete sentences.  Show us a road that resembles a goat path, and we start to wonder aloud in fragmented sentences what it might be…

Obsession finds it's way into your mind almost completely unnoticed.


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It starts with a casual observation. You hardly even noticed when it happened, but something shifted in your mind. A bit later the same observation is made again, this time in a slightly different context. It happens again and again and the observations layer atop one another like sheets of tracing paper that, when flattened…

Is that a World Cup Overall trophy in your chamois, or are you just happy to see me?

Anatomy of a Photo: The Man with the Crystal Globes

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As a cycling fan, I find that it is easy to neglect some of the physiological particularities of our sport.  In my mind, Faboo and Jens are giants””not merely Giants of the Road, but enormous men with enormous legs and broad shoulders, quite literally ready to carry the weight of the team.  Typically, we see…


Defining Moments: Sprinteur to Rouleur

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As we grow older, humility takes it’s chilling hold. The little nagging questions like, “Will this next activity kill me?” start to weigh heavier on our minds.  It’s not that these questions weren’t asked when we gripped our youth like a toddler grips his penis; it’s just that they didn’t mean as much to us…


Il Gruppo Progetto Elegentemente Rifinito

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So I just got back from a 30k shake-down ride and Il Gruppo Progetto is exactly what I expected. You will get no Huangisms from me. I'll just say it's a bomber steed with some classic touches that's good old-skool fun to ride. It'll fit the rain bike need perfectly. Thanks again for your input…

Richard Virenque rides his bike the only way he knows how: In the Five and Dime.

Tricky Dickie: Shopping in the Five and Dime

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We recently trod into territory we simultaneously avoid and willingly dive headlong into: doping and the intrinsic hypocrisy therein. While on the subject I figured the timing could never be worse to talk about one of my favorite riders: Tricky Dickie, the ponciest lad in the peloton. On the bike, he was a simple man; there was never…

Steampunk is not my given name"”that would be a little weird

Guest Article: Le Metier

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The Velominati are proud to present the following guest article by our community member Steampunk, who splits his time between peppering the site with his insight and humor and riding in the sacred Velominati colors. Michael Barry is one of the great domestiques of the peloton; loyal, hardworking, a hardman, a true cycling aesthete –…


Anatomy of a Photo: Huevo with Sour Cream

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Photographs trigger memories and emotions within the human psyche that last a very long time, and remind us of where we were, what we were doing, and how we felt at any given moment of our lives. The above image, although still fresh in the time/space continuum, nonetheless brings back happy times for myself. It…

Il bicicletta pioggio

Il Gruppo Progetto: Serotta Colorado AL

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The Velominatus’ machine is their own manifestation of personal taste and demonstration of adherence to The Rules.  We each, in our own way, meticulously maintain our bicycles and adorn them with the essential, yet minimal, accoutrement.   Yes, we must Obey the Rules pertaining to bar tape, tyre selection, saddle choice, stem height, color matching and…

Anatomy of a Photo: Roulin' Dirty

Anatomy of a Photo: Roulin’ Dirty

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After a long, hard day of dishing out pain to the peloton it’s time to chillax with der Homies. Here we have der Kaiser and Klodenizzle pimpin’ in the T-Mobile bus. Roulin’ dirty fo’ sho’.

I'm riding high up on a deep depression.

Study of a Madman: Riding in the Rain

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I awoke Sunday morning to the sound of the driving rain on the windows, buffeted by gusts of wind. I got up, made myself a double espresso, and called to the dogs for their walk. Smackimus, the mutt who embodies Rule #5 in everything he does, came bounding down the stairs. Beene, the lummoxy Great Dane, followed…

Rider on the storm. Ree-chaard goes solo, 2001. Pic: Cor Vos/Pez

Velominati Super Prestige: Paris-Tours

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Just a week after contesting one of the most brutal, exciting one-day races of the year, a bevy of battered, tired bodies make their way back to Europe for the penultimate round of the inaugural Velominati Super Prestige series. As if the heat and gruelling course of Geelong wasn’t sapping enough, the 20-odd hour flight and…

Butter your chain with Dumonde Tech

Reverence: Dumonde Tech BCL

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We met by chance, or so it seems. I suppose there really is no such thing as “chance”. I was ready for it, and it was there. I wasn’t really looking but, you see, it had been a while since I’d been happy.  I’d even strayed about some, trying a bit of this and a bit…

The Badger's attack blows Zoetemelk's eyebrows off.

Defining Moments: Radio Silence

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Robots. Automatons. Modern professional cyclists. I am tempted to say these three terms are interchangeable, but I know that’s not right because a “robot” endeavors to convey the impression that it acts of it’s own intent, whereas automatons and professional cyclists are merely self-operating machines. It is difficult for a Velominatus to look at old cycling…

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