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"V"os plays in the sand. Photo: Danny Zelck

Ride Like a Girl: Marianne Vos

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While it took seven Belgians to dominate the Men’s Cyclocross World Championship race on Sunday, it only took a single Dutchwoman to dominate the women’s race. That’s seven times more dominanter, if my math is correct – which it always is. Cyclocross fascinates me, mostly because it is completely insane. But I admit: I like the idea…

@chris being hunted down by the yellow jacket of authority  Photo by Sportive Photo (

Guest Article: Edric’s Windy, Wet, Wild Wiggle

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One of the cairns on the unknowable path to Cyclist is riding one’s first unimaginable distance. In the non-metric world it would be the first 100 mile ride, an unholy distance if one has never done it. And there is nothing for it. Come up with a rationalization, a plan, an excuse, something that forces…

Hennie Kuiper surprising himself in Trouée

Awesome Dutch Dudes: Hennie Kuiper

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We’re an under-appreciated people, the Dutch. As a society, we have led the European standard of civilization. Always ahead of our time in terms of accepting new ways of doing things, we have long paved the way in areas such as social and economic reasoning, or in how long you can reasonably expect to resist…

Rigid's gonna be there. Are you?

All Aboard The Keepers Tour: Latest Update

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It’s so close I can almost taste it. The mud. The dust. The heavy Spring air, turning to rain, blown across the fields of Flanders, where many a battle has been fought, in trenches and on wheels. Battles fought against other men, battles fought within each man. My own mind is in battle; am I…

TRP 960

Reverence: TRP R960

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By now you’ve probably figured out that our Reverence series is not about reviewing gear in the classic review sense. The very word “reverence” connotes that the author of the article holds a certain affinity for the product whereas reviews are meant to be “objective” analyses. Nor is the point of the series necessarily to…

mad max 3

200 on 100

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Vermont is spelled with a capital “V”, surely no coincidence. With the loads of mountains and climbs available, it had to start with a “V”. I mean, if it was mountainous enough to draw a runaway “loose” nun who left the church for a sailor, it must be good, right? (Great nordic skiing there””Trapp Family Lodge,…

Photo: Slipstream Sports

The 2011 Anti-V Moment of the Year: Paris Roubaix

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While the The V Moment of the Year is the moment during the season when the sport demonstrated the most pure example of spirit of The V, the Anti-V Moment of the Year similarly acknowledges the moment in which all those things that make The V great were ignored. This is more than just cheating or climbing into the…

How many Velominati does it take to form a Cogal?

Impromptu Mini-Cogal – Newcastle, Australia 2012

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Riding bicycles brings people together. It forms bonds. Bonds that can last for years, lifetimes, transcending distance and even a total lack of contact and communication. Friendships are forged through a common passion shared only through the medium of the internet, as we experience here on this very site. It’s a unique entity that has…

Screen Shot 2012-01-15 at 1.43.50 PM

The 2011 V Moment of the Year: Paris Roubaix

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The V Moment of the Year isn’t an award so much as acknowledgment of the moment during the season when the sport demonstrated the most pure example of spirit of The V. This is more than pushing hard en route to glory; the V Moment is the one point in time at which, despite a…


California Cogal

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On Saturday I rolled out solo in my Flandrian Best to meditate upon the V. I’d been troubled of late by turmoil among the Velominati…What color socks? Warmers or tights? Helmet or no? Not to mention the lingering melancholy brought on by the realization that the Keeper’s Classic would roll out without me, chained as…


La Vie Velominatus: Building Wheels

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Self-awareness is a non-optional ingredient of leading a fulfilling life; while we should always push ourselves to explore new things, we should also be aware of our limitations and weigh expectations against them. This is why I avoid any activities involving intelligence or a blow torch, and take particular care to avoid those involving an intersection of…


2011 Broken Chain Award

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Brought back to life by reader demand, the Broken Chain Award is considered for any person or thing that protrudes above the surface of cycling’s bad behavior and bad ideas. Yours in Cycling, Gianni The obvious first choice, the easy choice, was the French TV driver who put Juan Antonio Flecha down on the road…


Portland Oregon Cogal

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Ah, the Pacific NW in winter, who can beat it? To ride in the foothills of some of the most majestic snow-capped volcanoes on the planet, with views of the Pacific Ocean or Puget Sound (which is almost the same as a view of the ocean). Anyway, take my word for it that all that…

A well-fitting gillet is an indispensable piece of kit

Reverence: Gilet

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There are two kinds of people in this world: those who own a properly-fitting, lightweight gilet and those who don’t. Those who own one know this is an indispensable piece of kit. The gilet is typically one of the last items that enters into a Cyclist’s wardrobe, long after arm warmers, knee warmers, and long sleeve jerseys have…


La Vie Velominatus: Romanticization

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I’m often told I romanticize Cycling’s past, that the days gone by weren’t quite as rosy as I make them out to be. There is some truth to this, certainly, but the assertion isn’t entirely accurate in the sense that I romanticize everything about Cycling. Because events are seasoned by our thoughts and individual experience, we necessarily cannot…

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