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Les Frères Grimpeur

Anatomy of a Photo: The Bowels of Spectating

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Perusing the Velominati Archives of Cycling Photos Liberated from the Interwebs (VACPLI), I stumbled across this little gem. I’m sure they are lovely people on the inside, but this photo showcases one of the most unflattering examples of spectators we find along the roadside of the Great Races. I’m not sure how you can be…

Rik Van Looy and Company

Anatomy of a photo: Gun Check, Gent-Wevelgem 1965

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The above photo was liberated from a Dutch website which appears to be dedicated solely to a book about Dutch and Belgian riders both old and new.  I can’t read a lick of Dutch, in fact, I’m not even 100-% sure it’s a Dutch site (based on the “.nl” though I’m pretty sure).  The website…

Communication at its most fundemental

Anatomy of a Photo: Badgers Are As Badgers Do

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I’m not particularly fond of this photo, but it certainly tells you a thing or two about Le Blaireau. A man more comfortable speaking with his appendages than with words, he was patron of the last peloton that truly represented the working class sport that cycling originally was; one where riders escaped a tough life of manual labor…

Phil Rockin the Eye Shades

Anatomy of a Photo: Phil Anderson

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In honor of the first Australian to win KBK it seems appropriate to give a Chapeau to our mates down under.  Congrats to perhaps the greatest up and coming cycling nation on earth and to Chris Sutton for a show of strength in what was a free-for-all to the finish in Kuurne today. Lest our…

The mighty pillars

Anatomy of a Photo: The Four Pillars of Awesome

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Whenever I send out an Out of Office reminder at work, I take special care to indicate where I’ll be, which is always Awesomeville.  It amazes me how few questions this raises, but I chalk it up to it being a foregone conclusion. Imagine my surprise, then, when upon my return from Maui someone asked me where, precisely,…

$27,250 for leathery hipness

Anatomy of a Photo: Lemon Leather

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All I can do is quote @michael: $27,250 for this POS. Don’t know if it’s worth an article or just a post, but for that price, I’d like my really cheap saddle set back properly. The beautiful thing for us is that an Anatomy of a Photo piece can almost be the same as a…

Paul Sherwen after the 1983 Paris-Roubaix; Photo Graham Watson

Anatomy of a Photo: Agony

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Sitting at the top of Haleakala, I thought of this photo with the staunch realization that there are no words to describe the agony of exhaustion, except Graham Watson’s caption in Visions of Cycling: Paul Sherwen’s mother cried when she saw this picture of her son, taken after the finish of the 1983 Paris-Roubaix

The hair, the shoes, the slicks. It's all so good.

Anatomy of a Photo: Injustice

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One of my favorite pass times is to chuck a cycling term into Google’s Image Search, set the filter to Large, and see what turns up. It is incredible how much porn you have to sift through, by the way. I would really think words like “shaved” and “hardman” would be innocent enough, but take…


Anatomy of a Photo: Unveiling of Banesto’s New Kit

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With the “widely anticipated” unveiling of both Leopard-Trek’s and Garmin-Cervelo’s new kits we thought it would be interesting to look back into the archives to see how it used to be done.  Nowadays, the new team and kit presentations are done with much fanfare, limousines, black-tie events, and sometimes even strippers.  But back in the…


Anatomy of a Photo: Chuck a Dead Animal Over Your Shoulder

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Let me open this by stating that I firmly believe that Animals should be treated with dignity and respect, and should be given the right to live a wholesome and fulfilling life. Chickens should be allowed to preen and pluck proudly; cows the right to socialize as amicably as cows can, and pigs should be allowed to…

Buying jet-fuel in the Five and Dime

Anatomy of a Photo: Evanescent Riders of the 90s

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I can’t decide if Tony Rominger was an Evanescent Rider or not. After all, his wins range from 1988 all the way to 1996, which technically means the word “evanescent” doesn’t seem to fit. That said, after a successful streak in the Vuelta, he suddenly discovered a “cure” for his allergies which previously kept him…


Anatomy of a Photo: I Will Eat You Where You Stand.

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If ever there was a photo that illustrated why anyone would be given the monicker, “The Canibal”, this is it. I devoted a full seventeen seconds to ‘finding out the history’ of this picture, and came up empty.  G’Phant sent this my way with a short but clear note, “This photo looks like it was taken…

Not quite enough room for their bikes

Anatomy of a Photo: Gilberto e Damiano dentro Laghetto

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It is easy to imagine photo ops and advertisements that the pros obligate themselves to for sponsors becoming tedious. Angles that sound good during an off-season drunken phone conversation are often just awkward when operationalized at the season’s first training camp and new sponsor meeting. I can’t imagine anything more emasculating than being constipated in addition to having…


Anatomy of a Photo: Cycling-Specific Eyewear

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Don’t be distracted by the sweatband or the lame Bolle sunglasses; this man is a stud.  He came from a different time, a time when suffering was a more visceral experience than it is these days. It permeated everything a professional rider did.  The bike were heavier, the equipment less efficient, the travel to races more grueling,…

Sean Yates.   Photo: Graham Watson

Anatomy of a Photo: Milan-San Remo 1983

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It is said that this race is one of the easiest to finish but hardest to win. Really, it is the easiest to finish? I’ve driven from San Remo to Milan and it takes hours and hours, even at Italian highway speeds.  I’m amazed this race usually ends up in a field sprint, somehow big…

Is that a World Cup Overall trophy in your chamois, or are you just happy to see me?

Anatomy of a Photo: The Man with the Crystal Globes

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As a cycling fan, I find that it is easy to neglect some of the physiological particularities of our sport.  In my mind, Faboo and Jens are giants””not merely Giants of the Road, but enormous men with enormous legs and broad shoulders, quite literally ready to carry the weight of the team.  Typically, we see…


Anatomy of a Photo: Huevo with Sour Cream

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Photographs trigger memories and emotions within the human psyche that last a very long time, and remind us of where we were, what we were doing, and how we felt at any given moment of our lives. The above image, although still fresh in the time/space continuum, nonetheless brings back happy times for myself. It…

Anatomy of a Photo: Roulin' Dirty

Anatomy of a Photo: Roulin’ Dirty

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After a long, hard day of dishing out pain to the peloton it’s time to chillax with der Homies. Here we have der Kaiser and Klodenizzle pimpin’ in the T-Mobile bus. Roulin’ dirty fo’ sho’.

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