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Shoot to thrill, Teeny Bettini wins the World Road Race; Roberto Bettini

Six Days of the Worlds – Anatomy of a Photo: Paolo Shoots to Kill

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I remember two principle things from the 2007 Men’s Elite Road Race.  First, my favorite rider at the time, Danilo Di Luca, was barred from starting due to his implication in the Oil for Drugs doping investigation.  Second, there was a controversy over the fact that Paolo Bettini had refused to sign the UCI’s Code…

Making of a COTHO; Photo Graham Watson

Six Days Of The Worlds – Pharmacology

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Americans, I think, generally feel they play just on the far side of the boundaries; that perhaps history doesn’t apply to us. We are quick to forget the past and our sights are always focused away from today and towards tomorrow. We are a country who feels it deserves it’s place in the World Order…


Six Days Of The Worlds – Defining Moments: Oscar Freire 1999

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Verona, Italy, 1999. You’re 259 kms into the World Championship Road Race, and you find yourself in a select group of nine riders. You look around and see you are surrounded by a veritable who’s who of the pro peloton.  Ullrich, Vandenbroucke, Zberg, Konyshev, Casagrande, Camenzind.  “Do these guys even know who I am, or…

Marianne Vos wins in Salzburg 2006

Six Days Of… The Worlds

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We love our niche categories here at Velominati. Titles such as Reverence, Evanescent Riders, Defining Moments and Anatomy Of A Photo give us the impetus to bring you some entertainment when we may be somewhat low on inspiration, you might say. And if a sub-category can supply us with one article idea, then why not…


Il Progetto, Phase 1

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Like a kid at Christmas, that’s how I felt today.  There was the opening of some cool presents, one old, some new, all awesome. The Bosomworth finally turned up, and the Chorus gruppo was awaiting it eagerly, like baubles waiting to be added to the old tree every year.  I spent the afternoon stripping, cleaning,…

The cycling cap, perhaps at it's peak

In Memoriam: The Cycling Cap

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We gather here today to pay our respects to one of the icons of our great sport, the cycling cap.  The perfect union of form and function and an excellent example of why the former follows the latter, and why together they are beautiful.  The brim is just long enough to shield the eyes from the elements,…

Harden the Fuck Up

The V is a Universal Truth

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I’ve got some really cool students. Every year I instruct a course in winter camping, whereby a group of students and I go out into the BWCA wilderness for a few days. Last year’s trip was particularly interesting. It was fairly cold by Minnesota standards with temps dipping into the -30F range at night and…

T-Bone gives the Metal Horns; Photo: Roberto Bettini

Universal Message: Metal Horns = Awesome!

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It’s funny how malleable our definition of “local” becomes when emotion gets involved.  Seattle is a fiercely independent town where “local” is meant to imply your immediate neighborhood and we struggle to consider people who inhabit a community less than a kilometer away to be little less than an étranger. On the other hand, I have yet to meet a cyclist in…

Arrieta turns pro

Domestique of the Week: Jose-Luis Arrieta

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Yesterday, Cyclops posted a link to a story about the abandonment from the Vuelta and subsequent retirement from cycling of Jose-Luis Arrieta. Nice work Cyclops. This man deserves a special mention. He’s pictured on the far right above and just a glance at his kit indicates the length of this man’s years as pro. Unless…

It might be a bit sad now, but wait till you see what's in store for the old girl!

Il Progetto, The Project

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I’ve spent a lot of time of late looking at ‘vintage’ road bikes on the interwebs. It all started when thinking about what my ‘dream bike’ would be, and invariably the frame material of choice was steel. Beautiful modern-day frames from the likes of Baum, Speedvagen and Italian classics Colnago and De Rosa were high…

The station at Bola del Mundo

Velominati Super Prestige: Vuelta a Espana Stage 20 (Bola del Mundo)

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This year’s Vuelta, while it never seems to really capture my attention, has done a good job of demonstrating how the Giro and Vuelta seem to be fought out more closely than the Tour; the jersey has bounced around between Anton, Nibbles, and J-Rod like a hot potato.  Leading into the final mountain stage on…

I recommend you revisit your approach.  Photo: Tim de Waele

The Rhythm of the Stones

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This picture makes me think, “There’s a right way to ride the cobbles, and a wrong way.”  Those riders who have raced on the cobbles of Flanders and Northern France will tell you that riding the stones fast takes a “something” that can’t be taught.  The trick seem to be finding a subtle space between…

Jan Ullrich: Inhaling Wasps since 1997

Reverence: Inhaling a Wasp

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I have to admit, until BigRingRiding bestowed upon us the honor of gracing their site with our humble image, I had never heard the term “Inhaling a Wasp” being used as a climbing tactic.  My Great Aunt once swallowed a wasp; she was rather portly and since I think the wasp might have been in her…

Aero, but not as we know it. Photo: Michael Hinkins

Anatomy of a Photo: Pascal Lino 1990

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As Frank mentioned in his response to the Evanescent Riders piece on Pascal Lino, there is a modicum of research that accompanies the relics of my memory to bring the riders and races of the 90s back to life.  Whilst trawling the interwebs for usable images, I came across this awesome shot of our latest…

Ole Ritter: He's got no timing

Timing is Everything: Ole Ritter

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For Danish cycling, before Bjarne Riis, there was Rolf Sørensen*.  Before Rolf Sørensen, there was Ole Ritter. Ritter was a badass, a champion, rode Bianchis for Bianchi.  He had himself built the lightest bike available at the time, by a company that specialised in making the most badass handlebar tape in the history of this…

Not on my watch; Pascal (L) pips Perini in Perpignan.

Evanescent riders of the 90s: Pascal Lino

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Festina. The name alone instantly conjurs up the spectre of doping, and in particular the 1998 Tour de France, when soigneur Willy Voet was caught with a cache of medications that would've done Pfizer proud. That the term “Festina affair” has become synonymous with 98 and the name of the watch company, has clouded the…

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